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www.rtor.org is a free online service that helps people with mental health concerns connect with expert treatment and services. From the website, families and individuals can contact a Resource Specialist by phone or email for free personalized help with a problem, obtain information about best practices, or consult the Directory of Family-Endorsed Providers for recommendations on vetted programs and practitioners.

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www.rtor.org is a gateway website that helps families and individuals connect with resources to achieve and sustain mental health and lead fulfilling lives.

Core Purpose

Social Inclusion

Integration and full participation of people with mental health disorders in their communities.

Early Intervention

Helping individuals and their families connect with the right resources at the earliest opportunity to prevent or lessen the harmful effects of mental health disorders.


Hope and belief that people with mental health disorders can live self-directed lives to reach their full potential.

What We Do

rtor.org provides Resources to Recover.

We are a free service that helps families and individuals connect with resources for help with mental health and addiction issues.

Our Resource Specialists provide free personalized help…

  • Finding expert mental health providers and services that are accessible and appropriate for each individual
  • Identifying mental health signs and symptoms
  • Accessing crisis intervention services, family support groups, and the Suicide Prevention Lifeline when needed
  • Developing strategies for dealing with “failure to launch” of dependent young adults with mental health issues
  • Accessing culturally competent care for insured and uninsured individuals
  • Assisting family members in setting boundaries, improving communication, and offering support to loved ones struggling with mental health and addiction problems

Our Resource Specialists can help you connect with appropriate mental health resources in your community. They can also provide general information and support on various mental health topics.

If you or someone you know experiences mental health issues, it is important to seek help from a qualified professional. Our Resource Specialists can help you find expert mental health resources and support in your community. Contact us now for more information on this free service.

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Our Story

www.rtor.org is a free service of Laurel House, Inc., a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization providing programs and supportive services to adults with mental health disorders in Stamford, CT. Laurel House has been in operation since 1984. It launched rtor.org in 2014 when President and CEO Linda Autore and Vice President Jay Boll noticed a gap in the mental health care system. Family members often called them directly for help locating support for loved ones with complicated mental health needs, many living outside of our service area. They realized that families were desperate for information about their loved ones’ conditions and resources for help in their communities.

Guiding Principles of rtor.org

People with mental health conditions and their families need a safe, accessible space to obtain information about diagnoses, symptoms, and options for treatment and support.

Recovery is real. Some people experience a full remission of symptoms after treatment. Others can learn to manage symptoms in a way that enables them to gain independence and achieve their life aspirations.

Despite the availability of effective treatments for most mental health problems, there are often long delays between the first onset of symptoms and the moment people get the full range of help they need (the “cycle of discovery”).

Early intervention with the right resources at the right time can shorten the cycle of discovery and make the critical difference between a life of disability and the hope of recovery, with prospects for increased self-sufficiency and positive quality of life.

Our team has the knowledge, experience, and access to support networks to aid and hasten the cycle of discovery, making recovery and a fulfilling life a real possibility for many individuals and their families.

Our Team

Linda Autore
President and CEO

Jay Boll, LMSW
Vice President and Editor in Chief

Denise Vestuti, LCSW
Clinical Director and Lead Resource Specialist


Danielle Leblanc, LMSW
Diversity Outreach Resource Specialist

Our Advisory Board

Julie Andersen

Christine M. Biddle

Andrew J. Gerber, MD, PhD

Glenn Houck

Anjali Mathai, LMSW

Larry M. Rosenberg, Ph.D.

User Feedback

From talking to you, my life has changed! For the first time ever, I feel absolute faith that life works out and that I don’t have to submit to the sad life I thought I was supposed to live. Thank you 🙂

I am thrilled to see such a comprehensive listing of providers. This is great stuff you’re doing!!  I pray that rtor.org becomes a household name so that families with children no longer have to wait to get the help they need.

Find out more about the impact rtor.org has on our users and community.

Our Impact

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