Our Impact

Our Impact

www.rtor.org, gateway to mental health services, is a free online service of Laurel House, Inc. Since 2014, this free personalized service has helped families and individuals in the United States connect with expert mental health treatment and support.


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User Feedback on Laurel House and www.rtor.org

I am thrilled to see such a comprehensive listing of providers. This is great stuff you’re doing!! I pray that rtor.org becomes a household name so families with children no longer have to wait to get the help they need.

From talking to you, my life has changed! For the first time ever, I feel absolute faith that life works out and that I don’t have to submit to the sad life I thought I was supposed to live. Thank you 🙂

When we determined that our daughter needed help due to issues with depression, it was totally unexpected and something we had never encountered. We were overwhelmed. As we searched for appropriate therapists, we were very lucky that a Google search found rtor.org. They were very helpful in explaining treatment options, recommending therapists, and helping us to better understand our daughter and take the appropriate steps. While our daughter is now much better, we continue to see one of the therapists that Resources to Recover recommended because she is perfect for our needs.

The Resource Specialist was so helpful in regards to my brother and his mental health issues. She was affirming, perceptive, and very supportive. I was impressed by how knowledgeable she was as well with current mental health issues in regards to laws, etc. I also particularly appreciated that after listening to my family’s situation, she offered me some real, practical tips that I could put into place right away.”

Thank you so much! You have been so helpful! Yes, these past two years have been rough, so I think this type of therapy sounds great. I am a strong believer that any person with anxiety has the ability to get through it with other methods besides medicine, so this is my first stop. Thanks again.

Thank you so very much for all your help! I could not find anyone else that would try to help me. I appreciate it so much. You will always be in my prayers.

Your call and sage advice are greatly appreciated. Your understanding of meth addiction and the addict’s mindset is helpful. Thank you very much for your call, insight, and compassion.

I want to thank you again for all the time you spent on the phone with me earlier. I know I said it before, but I want to reiterate how great of an experience calling RtoR was for me. Considering how much time I’ve wasted going in circles over the years (being judged and questioned along the way), speaking with you was a breath of fresh air. I’m not sure what was more welcome: your knowledge, your patience, or your understanding. I’ll take them all.

How can I thank you enough!!! I am in tears because you have put out a hand when I felt I was drowning.

Thank you so much for spending so much time on the phone with me this morning. Your kindness, compassion, and resources are greatly appreciated!! At times, I feel so alone, and it’s people like you who help me breathe a lot easier.

Thank you so much for your time today! I can’t express how much I appreciate your insight and advice. You provide an incredible service to people like me who find themselves lost and in over their heads. It can be very isolating, so knowing there is help and hope out there is priceless. Many, many thanks!

When families first face the challenges of understanding and treating mental illness, the first realization is that traditional health care models in the US are not adequate. The complexity of the illness and lack of holistic care and adequate resources leave families feeling overwhelmed and often abandoned. Finding a place to turn where the staff is knowledgeable about mental illness, treatment options, trusted providers, reintegration to work and school, and the compassion and understanding to help caregivers navigate a scary and difficult process does exist, and it is life-saving… this place is Laurel House and Resources to Recover.

So helpful. I was in a dark place, and I had no idea where to turn. I reached out to rtor.org, and the Resource Specialist got in touch with me right away. She was SO helpful, and I am extremely grateful!

I reached out to Resources to Recover, and it was the first time that I felt there was light and hope during an incredibly dark and terrifying time with our son and his newly diagnosed mental illness. The Resource Specialist was able to offer suggestions, resources, and, most importantly, a kind ear to listen! I am beyond grateful!

We’re very grateful for the guidance you gave us. It made all the difference in helping us know the right kinds of therapeutic practices to look for and find the very good options we’re now using. We’re very hopeful and optimistic that this new path will be successful for our son, and you played an essential role in making that happen.

So so grateful for your above and beyond help. I will be utilizing every single resource you have sent, and will be mentioning your name as the angel that heard my cry for help. I was losing faith and sinking fast, but today, today I have finally been given a box of tools. Finally, I can wake up with hope again.

With the resources you shared so clearly, I was able to find a therapist who could see my brother quickly and charges on a sliding scale and then fast-tracked an appt with a psychiatrist for him. Thank you – it was very overwhelming, and I didn’t know where to start, but you shared the resources. In ten years, this is the first time he has ever accepted help.

All user statements are reprinted here with permission from the users of our services.

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