Guest Blog With Us

Guest Blog With Us

Do you have a unique perspective or important advice to give on topics of mental health, wellness, and recovery? Then write for us! is currently accepting queries and pitches for guest blog posts.

Topics We Are Looking to Cover

  • Personal stories of recovery and symptom management from people who have experienced mental health symptoms and disorders.
  • Stories from family members and friends on how they helped a loved one with mental health problems and the impact it had on them.
  • Expert information and advice from mental health and wellness professionals.
  • Highlighting of best practices and promising new trends in mental health by qualified professionals and experts.
  • Independent reviews of mental health and wellness apps which the writer has actually used.
  • Reviews of movies, books, and other popular media that touch on themes of mental health and wellness.

In addition to providing accurate and useful information, the tone of each post should be hopeful and inspiring.  Quality of writing and consistency with the messaging of are important to us.

The main target audience for our blog posts are people who have experienced mental health symptoms or disorders, and their families, friends, and other loved ones.  We are especially interested in reaching an audience affected by mental health concerns in older teens and young adults.

If you are not familiar with our blog, please take a moment to read our most recent posts.

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