ClearView Communities – Family Endorsement

“After a harrowing time that resulted in several psychiatric hospital stays for my son, our family had no idea where to turn for the next step in his rehabilitation. We were all exhausted, afraid, and overwhelmed. We believed having our son living at home would both set him back and continue to wear us down, as we felt ill-equipped to meet his ongoing therapeutic needs. Finding ClearView at that juncture was nothing short of miraculous.

“From the start, our son was treated with respect, dignity and given the kind of individualized attention that we had hoped for. Most importantly, he was given the time to recover in a safe, nonjudgmental and non-hospital setting that served to ease his anxiety and allow him to become part of a caring community. Caroline Cantrell and her staff are not just excellent clinicians who know their field; they are incredibly dedicated and caring professionals, and great people.

“After a number of months, our son went from the most intensive 24/7 monitoring home to the partially independent house. With the help of the amazing Aaron VanderMeer, he found a part time job, the first he’d ever successfully held. Staff was willing to think creatively every step of the way, both while our son lived at ClearView, and even as we planned for his departure. He still returns once a month to meet with staff for therapy and medication monitoring. He always looks forward to his appointment and has great esteem and affection for the staff. He also made a number of close friends among the residents. Sharing that experience with others who understand the struggles he faced has been a powerful force in his recovery.

“I do not exaggerate when I state that the staff at ClearView has come to feel like extended family to us. I wholeheartedly recommend ClearView Communities.”

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