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The Disclosure Dilemma: Tips from an Employment Specialist

disclose mental health at work

As the Supported Employment Manager of Laurel House, Inc., my colleague Michael Marsico, LMSW, works with people who struggle with the dilemma of mental health disclosure and whether to share such personal information with an employer. Michael coaches people through every stage of the employment seeking, retention and advancement process, and has some great tips […]

A Hopeful Picture for People with Mental Illness Who Want to Work

It’s too bad USA Today decided to lead with such a downer title for the latest article in its current series on mental illness:   ‘Bleak Picture’ for Mentally Ill: 80% Are Jobless (usatoday.com, July 10, 2014) While this unfortunate fact is true, the good news, which the article brings to light, is that an effective […]

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