New York Early Psychosis Programs

Programs in New York State


NYC START (New York City Supportive Transition and Recovery Team) is a free service for young adults, ages 16-30, who have been hospitalized for a first episode of psychosis.  Services are provided during hospitalization and for the three months after hospital discharge.  Social workers and peer specialists (people who have recovered from similar experiences) work closely with the young adult, hospital staff, and family to create an after-care plan.   Services include case management and linkage to ongoing treatment.  The goal is to help young adults connect with community resources that can support their recovery and facilitate their transition back to the community.

Services are free for young adults hospitalized for a first episode of psychosis. Please contact NYC Start at 347-396-6880 for information.


Family Member Quote

“NYC START is a free service that was offered to my son after his first hospitalization. This program provided a licensed clinical social worker and a peer specialist who made home visits to see my son on a weekly basis. The licensed social worker and peer specialist were generous, kind, supportive and non-judgmental.  Their weekly visits consisted of helping my son transition back to the community by creating a plan to help him accomplish his goals no matter how small.”

“By the end of the three months, we noticed that our son was more engaged and was able to obtain a freelance job.  We highly recommend the NYC Start program as it has been extremely helpful in our son’s journey to recovery.”

Information and Referrals

Speak with an RtoR Resource Specialist about services and referrals to NYC Start Program.

OnTrackNY Program

OnTrackNY programs are available throughout New York State and provide treatment for adolescents and young adults, ages 16-30, who have experienced symptoms of early psychosis that may include unusual thoughts and behaviors, or who have started hearing or seeing things that others do not.

OnTrackNY helps people achieve their goals for school, work, and relationships. Treatment includes counseling, medication treatment, support with developing social skills and coping skills, help finding a job or completing school, and nursing care to promote overall health and wellness.

For more information and to find a program in New York State, visit OnTrackNY.

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