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8 Ways to Actively Fight Depression

How to Fight Depression

Have you ever felt like the world is tearing apart in your mind? That every fabric of your existence is questioning why you feel like this? You shout inside your mind and all that echoes back is your depression prancing around like a demon.

Most of us confuse being sad and moody with being depressed. In clinical depression, all the symptoms have built up to such an extent that they break the ceiling of your threshold capacity. Feeling momentary sadness and being in perpetual torment in the confines of your mind are two different things.

Fortunately, therapy is a solution that can do wonders for people suffering from depression. Additionally, you could use some of these tips to build a better quality of life and cope better with depression.

Support Systems

One of the most important things you can do is open up and talk about how you are feeling and what is going on with you. Yes, it may be very hard in the beginning to open up to your loved ones or your family. However, it is important to understand that having a support system will help you in the long run. You will not only forge stronger bonds within your group, but you could also be a pillar of support to someone else in need.

Sleep Adequately

Sleep and mood are interlinked in ways you may not always notice. However, once you take a closer look it’s easy to see a connection between the two. When you are deprived of sleep, the moment you step out of the house you feel like you are already drained of all your energy.

A 2014 study established that 80% of people who have major depressive disorder experience erratic sleep patterns. To enrich your sleep, cut down on the use of electronic devices in bed. It is strongly advised that you don’t work past your bedtime, even if you’re not in your bedroom. Activity in your bed should be confined to sleeping, rest, and sex. For the best results, dim your lights and engage in restful activities, like reading a book or writing in a diary, before you go to sleep.

Say No To Negativity

Ask someone with depression whether he feels sad and he will probably say he doesn’t feel that way. Rather, he has a pattern of thinking that is severely negative. For someone with depression it can be a mammoth task to shift one’s thought patterns and avoid such negative trains of thought.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) may hold an answer to this problem. This form of therapy primarily focuses on eliminating negative thought patterns, replacing them with more optimistic patterns of thinking. Additionally, you can take advantage of self-help books, online apps, and courses to change your thinking patterns.

Create a Wellness Tool Box

Having some self-care tools at your disposal is always one of the most effective ways to win the battle against depression. Wellness tools are a very subjective experience. Hence they should be personally tailored for you. It is advised that you list what makes you happy, engages you and promotes your own wellbeing. It could be riding a bicycle, reading a book, going on a trek, or gardening. Create your own wellness toolbox that you can use when you’re feeling depressed.

Beat Stress!

When your body is under immense stress, it produces a hormone called cortisol. This hormone could be a very effective tool for a short period as it prepares you to face sudden problems life throws at you. However, in the long run, it can cause damage to your body. Practicing yoga and meditation can be some of the most effective ways you to keep stress at bay.

Say No to Procrastination

Depression causes several symptoms like fatigue and difficulty concentrating on the task at hand. These make procrastination very tempting. However, you can get you stuck in a vicious cycle, as putting things off can cause you to feel guilty, sad, and stressed.

It is of paramount importance that you set deadlines for tasks and categorize them based on the level of urgency and importance. Working on short-term goals can help boost your confidence.

Do the Chores

Uncleaned dishes, messy floors, and an unkempt house can magnify your stress and depression. Get a hold of yourself, starting with the small things. Clean one dish, then work your way up the ladder. Seeing your progress unfold in front of your eyes is not only rewarding, but it also makes your house neat and clean.

Improve Your Eating Habits

In a 2013 study, conducted on 1,643 patients living with clinical depression, it was noticed that the subjects with depression had lower levels of zinc compared to the control group. This study shows that eating healthy and mental health are linked. Improving your diet can play a crucial role in the betterment of your mental health. Sticking to leafy greens and fruits and cutting down on high sodium foods would be beneficial.

You may feel like the walls of depression are closing down on you from all the sides and you have no way out. It is crucial that you remember that there is always a way. Don’t miss your therapy appointments, follow a strict regimen of self-care and stick to it. These tips will go a long way in helping you battle your depression.



Author Bio: Emylee is a freelance content writer and a blogger who specializes in home remedies, natural cure, fitness, and power yoga. She is a nature enthusiast who contributes her work for many websites like www.howtocure.com. In her free time, you can find her on adventurous trips and hanging out with family and friends.


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