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How Mindfulness Helps in Fighting Depression

Stress, pressure, and other uncontrolled outside factors may cause or contribute to depression. There are different reasons why people may fall into this condition. But the good news is that you can always do something to lessen the risk of being depressed. There are several practices, including mindfulness, that can help people get through their […]

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3 Tips for Managing Depression from a Peer Support Specialist

I have worked for the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services for almost 20 years as a mental health assistant and peer support specialist.  I was diagnosed with a mental health condition (bipolar disorder) at age 29.  Since then, I have been managing it with the help of psychiatrists and therapists and have […]

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6 Ways Developing Your EQ (Emotional Intelligence) Can Increase Your General Well-Being

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) refers to the ability to perceive, evaluate, and manage the emotions of oneself and others. Because it involves identifying, understanding, and analyzing feelings and interactions on a day-to-day basis, EQ has become an important part of life that influences behavioral changes and decision-making. With that said, EQ has become a foundation in […]

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The Benefits of Journaling for Mental Health

Journaling can improve mental health. The chaos and sunkenness that come with mental health disorders are nearly impossible to interpret and understand on the fly. Unfortunately, when struggling with mental health, we can’t effectively “figure everything out” simply by ruminating for a day or two. Negative thoughts, emotional pain, fears, issues, triggers, and potential solutions […]

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How the Use of Routines Helped Me Build a Life Worth Living

Living with a chronic mental illness poses challenges in building a routine and implementing healthy lifestyle changes. There comes a time in recovery when there is a need for a tangible tool to help facilitate change—something to bridge a person from acquired skills and knowledge to the creation of a healthy lifestyle and stable routine. […]