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Mental Health Education and Awareness

The Benefits of Online Schooling for Students with Autism

Virtual learning has become a reality for most students due to the pandemic. It’s been an adjustment for everyone involved, including students, teachers, and parents. Educators have had to find new ways to adapt their teaching methods, and students often find it more challenging to stay focused. Many kids also experience technical difficulties, which does […]

Addiction and Co-occurring Disorders, Race and Ethnicity in Mental Health

Finding Myself after Trauma and Alcoholism

I woke up nauseous, with a splitting headache again for the third morning in a row. I couldn’t blame it on being sick or anything else because only my bad decision-making was responsible for the state I was in. You see, I was a functioning alcoholic. I was in a high-stress military job where the […]

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Addiction and Co-occurring Disorders, Treatments and Services

12 Step Programs for Addiction Recovery

Twelve-step programs are structured support groups for people who want to get help for addiction and various other destructive behaviors. It is the most common form of addiction support around the world and is used by millions of people. The basic premise of 12 step programs is for members to adopt and follow a set […]

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College Student Mental Health, Wellness

Why You Should Be Journaling on Your Lunch Break (and Why Bullet Journals Are the Way to Go)

Spending just 15-20 minutes each day writing down your thoughts in a journal can dramatically improve your mental and physical health. Coincidentally, this is a chunk of time that can easily be slotted into your lunch break at work or school. There are many benefits to keeping a journal. Sometimes, though, it can seem daunting […]