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Marijuana and Psychosis: One Family’s Story – From Capable to Catatonic in One Year

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A Note from the Editor and Our Sponsor, Laurel House

September is National Recovery Month, a national observance to educate Americans that mental health and substance use treatment and services can help those affected to live healthy and rewarding lives.

This September, we are starting National Recovery Month with a guest post from Silver Hill Hospital, excerpted from their publication, Silver Linings. Laurel House has had a long relationship with Silver Hill Hospital, located in nearby New Canaan, CT. Last year for National Recovery Month, its President and CEO, Dr. Andrew J. Gerber, authored a guest post for rtor.org, Co-occurring Disorders: The Link Between PTSD and Addiction. Dr. Gerber was honored in 2019 as Laurel House’s Champion for Recovery. He recently joined the Advisory Board of rtor.org.

The special report, Marijuana and Psychosis: One Family’s Story – From Capable to Catatonic in One Year, tells of one young man’s struggles with psychosis following heavy use of cannabis in college. Jake’s story shows how marijuana is not always the harmless recreational substance many people think it is. Fortunately, Jake was able to get help from Silver Hill Hospital, where he was diagnosed and treated for schizophrenia, triggered by his marijuana use. Seven months later, he was back at home, “capable, coherent, and cognizant,” much to the relief of his family.

Jake’s experience is a great example of how recovery is possible for people facing serious challenges of mental health and substance use.

In keeping with the theme of National Recovery Month 2020, “Join the Voices for Recovery: Celebrating Connections,” www.rtor.org and Laurel House will feature a series of articles celebrating the strength and resilience of individuals like Jake living in mental health and substance use recovery. 

Jay Boll
Editor in Chief

Carl just wanted his son back.

Jake had become “like a walking zombie who was incoherent and catatonic,” Carl said of his son. Jake had been admitted and released by several state mental health facilities after suffering what Carl believes is cannabis-induced psychosis.

“We saw six in-network psychiatrists and they basically told us there is nothing we can do about your son’s dilemma,” Carl said. “They said we should put him in a housing facility.”

Frustration grew and hope dwindled, but he wouldn’t give up on his son.

Silver Hill Hospital was his last chance.

“All these roads I’ve traveled and doctors I’ve seen, and it came down to this,” Carl said. “This is my last shot.”

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If you or someone you know experiences mental health issues, it is important to seek help from a qualified professional. Our Resource Specialist can help you find expert mental health resources to recover in your community. Contact us now for more information on this free service to our users.

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