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7 Sober Hobbies to Help You Overcome Drug and Alcohol Addiction

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Deciding to be sober is the first step to getting treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. The decision to stop may not be easy, especially if you have been into it for a long time and have already gone through detox and treatment but weren’t successful. However, with the help of professionals, and with the love of the people around you, it could be bearable. One of the things that people who have been through drug and alcohol addiction can do is start a new hobby. Doing this is an important step that will help your recovery.

The Importance of Hobbies in Sobriety and Addiction Recovery

It does not matter if you are receiving treatment for alcohol addiction or at a facility such as a methadone clinic. It will still be challenging. This is why you should consider choosing a hobby to help you get by. The sobering process can become tiresome and boring. One of the choices you will have to make is to let go of your usual activities and the circle of friends who used substances with you. You will feel like there is a lot of time to do nothing. This can lead to negative feelings that make you suffer. It is better to fill up your time with positive activities. Look for a hobby that will keep you busy.

7 Best Hobbies to Help You Overcome Drug Addiction

Here are some simple yet engaging hobbies that can help you in overcoming drug and alcohol addiction:

Give Yoga a Try

Yoga is not only good for the body but also for the brain and the emotions. You can choose to join a yoga group in your community and learn from an instructor. This will help you relax your mind and strengthen your focus. It will teach you to be calm and help you connect to your inner self. Holistic addiction treatment at many rehabs includes yoga as part of the treatment program.

Exercise Outdoors

The last thing you do not want to do while you are sobering up is stay in your room. Get out and get some air. Do not isolate yourself indoors because that will result in the piling up of negative thoughts in your head. Choose an outdoor exercise that you enjoy. Remember that exercise is a great diversion, and it can also help you strengthen your body.


Cooking is fun, and it is something that can help you feel a sense of accomplishment. Instead of sitting on the couch and feeling bored, go to the kitchen. Think of those foods that you always wanted to learn how to prepare. You can choose from pastries, main courses, healthy foods, and various cuisines. Cooking is a great way to help you feel busy and satisfied. You can find many cooking videos on YouTube, or you can purchase a cookbook to get more recipes.


Writing is another good activity. There are different benefits to be gained from writing. This activity helps you express your feelings and emotions. It allows you to express something that you have inside. So instead of bottling up those feelings, you can get that pen and paper or open your laptop and pour out the words. You can do it at any time. If you suddenly have an urge to express yourself, you can do it in writing. This is one great way to overcome distress and let out all the anger, frustration, and other negative stuff you’ve been holding in.

Volunteer at an Animal Farm or Shelter

There is something really amazing about the act of volunteering. This is something that can make you feel like you are contributing to society. It gives you a sense of control over yourself and what you can do. So if you are looking for an activity outside your home, you can volunteer at an animal farm or shelter. There are a lot of animals being rescued every day.

Try Martial Arts

Martial arts are perfect for the body and mind. It can help you focus on something that will make you feel confident about yourself. People who enroll in martial arts classes find themselves more confident as they develop skills. Learning a martial art can provide you with a valuable sense of accomplishment.


Music therapy is common in many communities and groups. It is something that can be done with the aid of a musical instrument or your voice. Music can help you express yourself, and it also provides a sense of accomplishment. You can enroll in music lessons and spend your time learning a new thing. It is one great way to make your day productive. As you see yourself progressing on your instrument, you are bound to feel better about yourself.

Overcoming drug and alcohol addiction is easier to do when you are productive. Idle moments will make you feel lonely and empty. There are many things you can do to make your day happy and satisfying. Make sure to take care of your mental health while in recovery to lessen your risk of developing co-occurring disorders, which are harder to treat.



About the Author: Holly is a freelance writer who loves to help people who are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction. Holly knows firsthand what it’s like to deal with substance addiction and has now been sober for five years. Holly is a frequent contributor to many addiction-related blogs and organizations such as the Addiction Treatment Division and Recovery Inn.

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