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Familiar Cries Against Deep-Rooted Cultural Stigma: Why You Need to Search for a “Black Therapist Near Me.”

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While the world might be developing at a faster rate than ever, cultural stigmas still seep into everyday lives. Black people have been sucked into a pattern of behavior to protect themselves from the uncountable atrocities thrown at them.

This collective experience unites them in the similarities of their invisible pain, sufferings, and traumas. As a part of the Black community, there might not be much of a choice but to deal with these issues as they arise. This is why if you are Black and looking for a therapist, you must search for a ‘black therapist near me.’

Why a ‘Black therapist’ over any other?

From the day a Black person is born into this indiscriminate world, you are confronted by racial disparities. A therapist from the same socio-economic sphere can understand and be a voice that reaches you with much deeper empathy.

Closer to the race and related impacts

White therapists can try to empathize with you, but they can only understand it from afar. Though barely 4% of therapists in a 35% Black city like Charlotte, NC, are themselves Black, they have witnessed the same atrocities as you.

From being presumed criminals to the extreme brutalities that were unasked for, the Black community has witnessed it closely, time and again. So, naturally, a Black therapist can connect to your traumas and help you out in a better way.

Unlike therapists from other cultures, they do not lose the perspective of what factors impact their race. Their sensitivity and knowledge of the race is a key therapeutic healer unique to them.

Training is limited to textbooks

A trained therapist from another background has limited exposure to the real and invisible walls the society has built up around Blacks. But, searching for a ‘black therapist near me’ is equivalent to finding someone who survived the same social trap—a person who is aware of the inner turmoil, racial rage, and the way these aspects shape Black lives, from high parental pressure, expectations, and societal perceptions to other factors contributing to the mental health issues.

They know how the world operates around them and have defined ways to deal with the same. Thus, the Black therapist can play a powerful role in uplifting the Black community in their sensitized way.

Understanding kids better

When it comes to kids, everyone is likely to look for the best child psychologist. But for a Black child, the world can be a much darker place given the excessive bullying and harassment.

This throws the child into conditions like anxiety, insecurity, depression, and subsequently low academic results. To stop these symptoms from flowing into adulthood, a Black therapist is what this community needs.

The specific culture, attitudes, norms, and behaviors that have been embedded into Black families are unique to them. These can be best understood by Black therapists as they will be adept in their cultural understanding.

Final Takeaways

There is a huge gap between learning about a race and absorbing the details of a race bit by bit, day by day. Searching for a ‘black therapist near me’ will not just help you in being heard but also in being understood deeply.

It is essential to establish empathy in therapeutic healing, to help people cross the bridges blocked by social suppression. So, go on and find the right therapist for you or your close ones.

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About the Author: Grace Tucker is a content crafter and Therapist. She writes to encourage and educate readers about the innovative and unique approaches to overcome unhealthy behaviors. Her goal is to strengthen your relationships and provide you a healthy lifestyle so you can have the family you deserve.

July is BIPOC Mental Health Month

In 2008 the United States government designated July as Bebe Moore Campbell National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month “to enhance public awareness of mental illness …. among minorities.”

Bebe Moore Campbell was an American author and mental health advocate who wrote works of fiction, nonfiction, and children’s literature about the harmful effects of racism and the mental health impacts on those affected.

Each July, www.rtor.org and its sponsor Laurel House, Inc. honor the legacy of Bebe Moore Campbell. We believe in using language that puts people first and emphasizes their individuality and unique contributions rather than their health or demographic status. Just as we do not refer to people living with schizophrenia as “schizophrenics,” we avoid terms such as “minority” and “marginalized” when referring to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) and BIPOC Mental Health Month.

Please join us in recognizing the unique struggles BIPOC face and bringing awareness to the need for adequate, accessible, culturally relevant mental health treatment, care, and services.

Our recent blog post, 8 Accessible Mental Health Resources for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), contains several links to online resources promoting the emotional wellbeing and access to mental health care for these communities.

www.rtor.org and Laurel House are committed to the advancement of racial equity and social justice and to making mental health services available to all.

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