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RtoR Family-Endorsed Provider Profile

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Family-endorsed provider iconFusion Westchester
Accredited Private School
White Plains, NY


Fusion Westchester is an accredited private middle and high school  for students who don’t thrive in a traditional school setting. The student body is diverse, serving students from a variety of circumstances, including students with school anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), learning difficulties, or challenging schedules. Located in White Plains, NY, the school draws students for grades 6-12 from Westchester County, New York, and the surrounding areas. Fusion Academy has 34 other locations nationwide.

The most unique aspect of Fusion Westchester is that it offers exclusively one-on-one academic classes allowing students to receive the individual attention they need. Classes meet state standards while being directed at the student’s pace and in line with the interests and learning style of each student. In addition to the academic curriculum, the school offers several wellness programs with an emphasis on healthy choices and skill building. The school also offers art and music programs, including a professional music studio.

Fusion Westchester provides the Therapeutic Support program which offers students access to educational and family therapists both on and off campus. To further help the emotional and social wellness of the students, each teacher and administrator is trained to be a mentor who helps guide and motivate students. Fusion Westchester also helps students transition from boarding schools or treatment programs.

Fusion Westchester
701 Westchester Ave
Suite 200E
White Plains, NY 10604


Family Member Quotes

“Fusion Academy is a unique school in the fact the teacher student ratio is one to one. The students do their homework every day before they leave school in the “homework cafe” which is supervised by a tutor whom is available for help. The teachers are also caring, patient, and really awesome! If you have a student who is struggling in school and have tried a lot of other options, this may be the best choice. My son is now a high school graduate and headed to college.”

Information and Referrals

Speak with a Resource Specialist about services and referrals to Fusion Westchester.

Programs & Services

  • One-on-one accredited academic classes
  • Academic assessment
  • Art Expression sessions
  • College preparation
  • Healthy Habits sessions
  • Homework Cafe®
  • Homeschool support
  • Music Expression sessions
  • Physical Wellness sessions
  • Therapeutic Support
  • Transitions program
  • Tutoring
  • Summer programs
  •  Wellness Program

Student Body

Fusion serves students with a variety of different needs including:

  • Social challenges and school anxiety
  • Accelerated or gifted learners
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Challenging schedules
  • Difficulties with traditional schooling
  • Dyslexia, dysgraphia, and other learning differences
  • Transition from boarding school and treatment programs

Grades: 6-12

Student body size: One student per teacher

Student body type: Co-ed

College preparation and placement assistance: Yes

Life skills preparation: Yes

In operation since: 2013 


More about Fusion Westchester School

“Fusion Westchester is much more than an accredited private middle and high school for grades 6-12 – it’s a revolutionary community of learning where positive relationships and one-to-one classrooms unlock the academic potential in every student – and create opportunities for emotional and social growth.”

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