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Peace Talkers – John Gibilaro, MSEd

John Gibilaro, MSEd

John Gibilaro and Peace Talkers help families learn how to de-escalate conflict and address their child’s emotional outbursts and defiant behavior. Family issues that Peace Talkers address include defiance/power struggles between child and parent, and curtailing the child’s emotional outbursts and destructive behaviors.

The Collaborative Center for Learning & Development

Stamford, CT

The Collaborative Center for Learning & Development favors a capability-based approach designed to develop a student’s strengths instead of focusing solely on areas of weakness. Their goal is to involve and engage the student in the learning process, and emphasize self-knowledge, self-confidence, and self-advocacy.



Family Psychoeducation & Caregiver Support Service

MyHealios is a caregiver support service that is provided to families and other non-professional caregivers of individuals with mental illness via live video conferencing on the Internet.

Go Fetch Wellness


Animal Assisted Therapy
Asheville, NC

Go Fetch Wellness is an animal assisted therapy practice operated by founder Jeff Fink and his trained therapy dog Earl. His practice was established in 2013 to help people living with serious mental health disorders find relief from the isolation and distress caused by their illnesses.

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