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New York Artist GH Kleiner Showcases His Creative Work on RTOR.ORG for May Mental Health Awareness Month

Today, we kick off May Mental Health Awareness Month with a guest blog post from a New York man who found a way back from the pain of a mental health crisis through the exercise of creativity.

GH Kleiner describes himself as “an empath who can visualize and draw my thoughts and feelings.”  His artwork and personal story have been featured on international websites such as mentalspaghetti.org, disabilityarts.online and kdoutsiderart.com.

Mr. Kleiner was hospitalized for anxiety and depression for several months when he rediscovered an interest in art.  This led to a creative re-awakening that has formed the foundation of his recovery. 

“My mental and physical health have clouded my view of the world. I have viewed the world as scary, and others as being different. With my view of the world being dark, I interpret it through colors and abstract shapes, seen in my distorted people and moving lines.”

Through his art, Mr. Kleiner has come to terms with his challenges of mental health and found a way to turn them into something meaningful that make his life worth living.

“I have taught myself to intentionally use pain and other difficult emotions to make my art good.  It’s interesting that all my pain has led me to something I love. I think this is my calling.”

We thank GH Kleiner for agreeing to share his creative work with users of www.rtor.org in honor of May Mental Health Awareness Month.

            – Jay Boll, Editor in Chief

Creativity Has Given Me a Life Worth Living

by GH Kleiner

Being creative has saved my life and helped my mental health by feeling good about myself, by feeling more confident, and by making my life purposeful. As I was recovering from major depression, I participated in activities such as drawing, writing, cooking and gardening. Creative activities serve as tools for me to use in my mental health recovery.

When I do a creative activity my mind shifts from unwanted thinking to creative thinking. The more we fully engage in a creative activity, the better we will feel. The more we make a creative activity a habit, the more we make it important in our day, and start to feel more positive.

All these creative activities can people discover their true creative passions, which will give meaning to their lives. For me passion is a super power to living a good life.

I find doing a creative activity is both relaxing and meaningful. When you get distracted by an activity you enjoy, you keep doing the activity and feel better and better, this is why creativity has saved my life and makes it more meaningful.

Please contact me if you have questions.  I’m currently on websites in England and France. If you google my name GH Kleiner artist, you will see many examples of my work. My email is shineonu@aol.com if you would like to contact me.

I’m telling my story for informational purposes.  Please consult a mental health professional if you are in a mental health crisis.

Thank you,

GH Kleiner



The opinions and views expressed in this guest blog do not necessarily reflect those of www.rtor.org or its sponsor, Laurel House, Inc.

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