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COVID-19 and Mental Health, Personal Stories

I Have Anxiety and Depression. This Is How the Pandemic Has Affected Me.

The World Health Organization recognizes that mental health disorders are the leading cause of illness and disability worldwide. That’s 450 million people suffering from a mental health disorder today. That’s a lot of people!  With the Covid-19 pandemic at its peak, the number of diagnosed mental health disorders worldwide is rising daily, as observed by […]

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COVID-19 and Mental Health, Personal Stories

How I Supported a Friend Experiencing Mental Health Issues during Coronavirus Isolation

For people with a history of mental health issues, such as anxiety disorders or depression, isolating during the COVID-19 pandemic can create the perfect storm of worry to cause a crisis. I knew that one of my dearest friends would be experiencing just such a difficult time, and as a friend, I knew I had […]

Coping Strategies for Mental Health
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Climbing the Ladder: How to Get Out of the Hole When You’ve Reached Your Limit with Mental Illness

Many people living with a mental illness will hit extreme lows in their lives. They may feel discouraged as they shut themselves off from friends or family, struggle to find work or even refuse all forms of treatment. About one year ago, I hit that low point. I had just moved out of my parents’ […]

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Struggling with Depression and the Natural Road to Recovery

Over the last few years, depression has become much more widespread. We’ve all heard it before, “mental health issues don’t discriminate,” and that quote couldn’t be more accurate. Depression impacts people in the suburbs and on farms, in inner cities and refugee camps, in boardrooms and in classrooms. It is estimated that over 300 million […]