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Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care

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My self-care journey began when I became committed to spending time on myself, doing things I enjoy, and learning to love myself and my body. I know how consuming it can be to be trapped in a body that doesn’t feel like your own or is not one that you are happy in, so nothing would make me happier than being able to share what I’ve learned to help other people begin to appreciate themselves just as they are.

Create a Realistic Morning Routine that Will Stick

Everyone has good and bad days, but one thing that I find really helps on the bad days is to have a morning routine to follow. Having a constant at the start of every day helps to give me focus.

I set an alarm each day to make sure I have had at least eight hours of sleep. If I need an extra bit of time in bed some days, I would never punish myself, but I would listen to what my body needs. Once I feel ready, I get up and make my bed straight away to know that one task is out of the way. This always helps me to be more productive.

Once I’m up, I will head downstairs and make time for a nutritious breakfast to set me up for the day. My favorite is porridge with banana and a few chocolate chips, lemon and ginger tea, and a multivitamin tablet. This combination helps to fuel me for the day when I need it most.

If you have time before beginning whatever commitments you have that day, try to give yourself some time to clear your mind. A 10-minute meditation practice, a short walk, or a 30-minute online dance class could be just what your body needs some days, while on others, a quiet half an hour with your favorite book might be better. Taking time to relax before your day begins will prepare you to face anything that comes your way.

Focus on Exercise that You Enjoy

Life is too short to spend your time doing exercise that you can’t stand. Instead, use exercise as an opportunity to burn off steam, relax and keep healthy. Try to focus on some non-weight-related goals like becoming stronger, being able to run for 10 minutes without stopping, or being able to do five press-ups on your toes. If you love to dance, your goal could be to learn the newest routines in your dance workout class.

You are far less likely to give it your all if you are doing something you don’t enjoy. Always mix up your exercise routine and try to find new things that make you happy. If you want to become healthier and feel more confident about yourself, forget your weight loss goals, and do the things you love instead. You will notice such big changes in your mental and physical health as a result.

Set Aside Time for Things You Find Relaxing

Sometimes we might have some time on our hands that we decide to spend on doing something we love and feel so much better afterward. So, why not make an effort to incorporate more of this into our daily lives? This may be easier said than done as life can be hectic at times, yet carving out some time each week to spend on things you love will do wonders for your mental health.

Perhaps your children are at an afterschool club for two hours on a Wednesday evening, or you finish work a bit early on a Friday. Find an open slot and make sure you spend your time doing something you enjoy. Perhaps you love drawing, so you take a short walk and find a spot to sketch. You could make it a habit to go over to your friend’s house to watch a film and have a good catch-up. You could spend the time learning a new skill you have been putting off, perhaps getting piano lessons or learning to hula hoop.

Whatever it is that makes you happy, you should do more of it. Not only will you feel relaxed when you are doing it, but you will also feel the benefits in the days following.

Final Thoughts

Now we have discussed a few things you can do to focus on self-care, let’s have a quick chat about how to acknowledge your negative thoughts and rationalize them.

Our brains automatically take us to a worst-case scenario which creates a negative mindset that can be hard to shake off. Yet, you shouldn’t merely accept that this is how you feel as you have every right to feel comfortable and safe.

When you feel overwhelmed by negative thoughts, try to redirect them by focusing on something you enjoy. This could be one of the bigger things we have discussed above, or something as small as making a cup of tea or picking up your book for half an hour. Once you feel more relaxed, go back to that thought and recognize what you were feeling. Now take a breath and consider what made you feel that way before accepting your negative emotion.

Once you learn to override your negative thoughts with things you associate with happiness or relaxation, you will begin to find it easier to calm yourself and see that this is not something you need to worry about so much. This will take time and practice, yet introducing something positive into unpleasant situations will gradually enable you to deal with your negative thoughts and be kind to yourself.

Everyone has days when they don’t feel good about themselves, but this is about having a few tools available to look after yourself and rationalize those thoughts. Take care of yourself, make time for things you love, and create positive habits to work through negative thoughts rationally. Most importantly, remember to be kind to yourself!



About the Author: Daisy Moss is a writer specializing in health and wellness. She enjoys discovering new ways to relax and has recently developed an interest in the benefits of holistic healing, including the benefits of things like magnesium supplements and meditation. When she isn’t writing, you’ll probably find her enjoying a good cup of tea or a yoga class!

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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