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The 5 Best Mood-Tracking Apps

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New technologies have been a complete blessing for millions of people worldwide, especially for those who suffer from mood swings or depression, because now they have access to some therapeutic apps that help them track their moods faster and more easily.

Those who live with depression, mood swings, or even anxiety know how scary and frustrating it can be to feel this way, especially since at the onset of these conditions, many don’t even know what is happening, or why they are suddenly feeling so blue.

Mood tracker apps help people to stay attuned to their feelings and negative thoughts, which is vital because those things profoundly affect mental health.

Here are five apps that help people track their moods, feeling, behaviors, and thoughts:

1. Moodily

This is one of the best apps to track your mood. You can download it for free, both in Google Play and the App Store, and it promises to help you track your mood in a very easy and efficient way.

This app also allows you to choose what you were doing when you began to notice a change in your mood. Were you with your friends or family? Were you driving, watching a movie, or exercising? So, you can freely choose the activity that suits you the most.

Moodily works like a personal diary, which means that you can take notes daily, and then you can share them with your doctor to study your progress over time.

It is important to highlight that people who struggle with depression designed this app. Their main goal is to help others living with this condition to figure out what makes them happier.

If you suffer from anxiety or depression, you will love its main features, such as:

  • This app allows you to take notes on every activity.
  • You are also able to track your moods over time.
  • You can show the app to your doctor or even to other health specialists, so they can see how you have been feeling lately.

2. MoodPanda

This app works like a mood-tracking diary. You can update your mood swings as much as you like, and it will show you graphs of your mood to discover important patterns or changes over time.

MoodPanda also gives you the opportunity to see your mood on a calendar. This is a very useful tool to take along to your therapy sessions-.

The main features of this app are the following:

  • You can interact with the MoodPanda community and receive their support if you want to.
  • It allows you to see how your mood has changed in the last days, weeks, or months.
  • Find out what makes you the happiest.
  • Track your daily moods.

3. MoodKit

With this app, you will be able to improve your mood dramatically.

Two clinical psychologists developed the app, and now it has more than 200 mood improvement activities.

What makes it such a great mood-tracking app is that it draws upon the principles and techniques of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

MoodKit has been featured in The New York Times, London Times, LA Times, and CNET. In brief, it has four integrated tools that help you to:

  • Rate and track your moods to monitor your progress over time.
  • Develop self-awareness and healthy attitudes.
  • Take action on your feelings and thoughts to improve your life.
  • MoodKit offers you guidance to change your distressing thoughts.

4. Daylio

This is an award-winning mood tracker application. It works like a mood-tracking monitor, and it allows you to track your feelings without even typing a word.

Do you wonder how it works? Daylio offers you several videos that reflect different moods, and all you have to do is to choose the one that best reflects your feelings at that moment.

It can be really helpful if you want to learn how to manage your depression. Here you have its main features:

  • It has a “Statistics and Calendar” tool that lets you track your moods on daily basics.
  • Daylio allows you to identify feelings, patterns, and behaviors.
  • You can also track your activities and add notes if you think that they could be relevant.

5. Mood Tracker

This app has taken mood monitoring to the next level. It includes some relevant information about sleep patterns and also includes medication reminders.

It can also send alerts to your support system when you feel down, so they can help you out and make you feel better and supported as soon as possible.

Mood Tracker allows interactions between users and their mental health specialists. With this feature, patients and clinicians have access to the information they put into this app, enabling providers with your permission to check what’s going on with you.

Take advantage of these healthy apps

Whether you have trouble managing mood swings, stress, depression, or anxiety, these apps offer you powerful, life-changing tools to help you positively overcome these challenging conditions.

In conclusion, mood-tracking apps are therapeutic, and they can really help you manage or prevent the early symptoms of a mental health problem, so don’t hesitate to download them on your smartphone right away.



About the Author: Gabe is an introvert and has successfully managed his panic attacks and social anxiety through the grounding technique. He loves technology and believes that it can be used to help deal with mental health issues.

The opinions and views expressed in this guest blog do not necessarily reflect those of www.rtor.org or its sponsor, Laurel House, Inc. The author and www.rtor.org have no affiliations with any products or services mentioned in this article or linked to herein.

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  1. Joshua Stewart says:

    Hello, could you please provide a link to the #5 ‘mood tracker’? This app sounds very useful, but because of the app name, searching returns hundreds of apps, none of which seemed to be named that. I was wondering which one specifically you were referring to.

    Thank you!

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