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How Your Emotions Influence Your Health and Wellbeing

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In today’s fast-paced world, many of us are exposed to stress. That’s why full emotional intelligence is essential if we want to be emotionally healthy. Emotions, experiences, and general wellbeing have a huge impact on a person’s health. Good health is important because it allows us to live a full life.

What is emotional intelligence?

Emotionally healthy people are able to assess their feelings and emotions and know how to control them properly. Researchers have found that people with full emotional intelligence can cope better with the stresses and challenges of daily life.

Events that weaken your emotional state

In our lives, we are often faced with unexpected, adverse events that negatively affect our emotional health and lead to severe distress, discouragement, stress, and anxiety. These events can be:

  • losing a job;
  • the death of a loved one or someone close to you;
  • breaking up or ending a relationship;
  • accident;
  • incurable disease;
  • relocation, etc.

How and why do emotions affect our health?

Our thoughts, emotions, and feelings trigger reactions in our bodies. Have you ever felt anxious? It’s a physical sensation of your body trying to tell you that something is wrong. That’s why you need to know how to deal with your emotions if you want to live a healthy, active life.

Some of the physical symptoms mentioned below indicate that our mental health is not good:

  • back pain;
  • lack of appetite and indigestion;
  • chest pain;
  • constipation or diarrhea;
  • dry mouth;
  • fatigue and drowsiness;
  • headaches, high blood pressure, and shortness of breath;
  • anxious sleep;
  • sexual problems, etc.

Your immune system can be weakened by poor emotional health, making you more vulnerable to colds and infections. Excessive use of alcohol, smoking, and drugs also indicate that your emotional health is not in the best condition.

How can you improve your emotional health?

First, you need to know how to recognize and understand your emotions. If you understand why you are stressed and why you suffer from anxiety or feel sad, you can identify and address the causes and improve your emotional health.

Mental health can be improved by the following methods:

  • focus on the positive things in life;
  • do relaxation exercises such as meditation, yoga, etc.;
  • learn how to manage your emotions;
  • be more self-confident and develop self-esteem;
  • do physical exercise;
  • follow a healthy and balanced diet;
  • give up alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, etc.

You can achieve a healthy emotional state and learn how to manage your emotions. Emotionally healthy people, as a rule:

  • are satisfied with their lives;
  • smile and are full of positive energy;
  • are able to manage stressful situations;
  • easily and quickly adapt and adjust to the constant changes in life;
  • are self-confident.

About the Author: Helen Wilson is a professional content writer at Write my paper. Her main spheres of specialization are health, productivity, and self-development. She studies topics about psychology and meditation and also provides help on cause and effect essay topics.

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2 thoughts on “How Your Emotions Influence Your Health and Wellbeing

  1. Karen Nyasha says:

    Usually when emotional intelligence is mentioned people refer to those who they label ‘cry easily or are ‘fragile’ or ‘sensitive ‘. But being unable to control anger I believe is another side of emotional intelligence that often gets overlooked. It is also associated with a lot of stress which individuals may not realize.

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