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Nurturing Physical and Mental Well-being in Adolescent Boys

teen boy with backpack

Adolescence can be a challenging time for many boys as they experience the onset of puberty and must navigate new social situations. Many boys feel confused during this time and need extra support. Parents should be available to answer questions and reassure their teenage sons whether they’re on the right path or need a change […]

How Stigma Impacts People with Mental Health Issues

locked chain link fence.

When people struggle with mental health, it can feel like no one else understands what they’re going through. This lack of understanding can create an isolating feeling that makes their struggles worse. The stigma surrounding mental health can make many afraid of sharing their mental health struggles with friends and family, worried that they might […]

Barriers to Recovery: Shame

small group seated in a circle.

He was the kind of kid who didn’t back down from a confrontation. But this day, as he sat in my office with his head in his hands, he never met my gaze. Instead, he recounted an earlier event when he took medication from a sick relative to get high. He didn’t look at me […]

Navigating the Intersection of Psychology and Psychiatric Care for Mental Well-being

two professional women

The United States has a major mental health problem. Not only are there millions of people living with mental health conditions, but a significant portion of them go through life without any form of treatment at all. Many factors contribute to this unfortunate situation. For many years, mental health stigma was a driving force. People […]

Empowering Patients: How Doctors Promote Active Engagement in Mental Health Treatment

therapist and patient talking

In mental health care, a significant shift is underway—one that places patients at the center of their treatment journey. The change involves a growing emphasis on patient empowerment, where patients are no longer passive recipients of care but active participants in their healing process. At the forefront of this transformation are doctors who recognize their […]

Advancements in Medical Treatments for Mental Health Disorders

health professional at laptop

There have been remarkable advancements in medical treatments for mental health disorders in recent years. These breakthroughs offer hope and relief to millions worldwide who grapple with conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. The collaboration between pharmaceutical companies, healthcare professionals, and contract research organizations (CROs) has led to significant progress in understanding […]

A Complete Guide to Writing an Effective Relapse Prevention Plan

woman writing in notebook

If you’re in addiction treatment, most centers will have you develop a  relapse prevention plan at some point. The goal is to avoid relapse entirely, but life happens, and for many people, relapse becomes a stepping stone on the way to permanent sobriety. A relapse is when you drink or use again after a period […]

How Helping Others Helped Me Find My Path Toward Healing

helping hand to woman on ladder

When I first stepped into my role as a peer support specialist, there were so many thoughts and emotions racing through my mind. I was plagued with questions like, “Why should anyone listen to me?” and “What if I let someone down?” The weight of responsibility felt overwhelming, and the fear of failing those I […]

Holistic Wellness for Kids: Nurturing Physical, Emotional, and Mental Health

3 kids in yoga poses

The concept of wellness extends far beyond the mere absence of disease. Genuine wellness is a harmonious integration of physical, emotional, and mental health, empowering individuals to lead a fulfilling, active, meaningful life. When it comes to the health and well-being of our children, fostering a holistic wellness approach is essential for laying the best […]

What Is the Actual Relationship between Mental Illness and Gun Violence? A Look at the Science Behind Mass Shootings

Strangers hold hands at Aurora, CO memorial

For years, psychologists, politicians, and policymakers have debated whether or not mental illness causes mass shootings. Due to the high rates of mental health disorders and the increase in mass shootings in the United States, people have begun to assume that the two are inevitably related. Following the occurrence of another tragic mass shooting in […]

Narcissistic Abuse and Codependency: Breaking the Enmeshment Cycle

troubled couple sitting on curb

Being partnered with an abuser can be as disorienting as it is devastating, creating challenges that are not always immediately apparent. Victims of narcissistic abuse, subjected to varying levels of manipulation and control, often find themselves slipping into patterns of codependency, defined as maintaining a relationship that is one-sided or abusive in nature.[1] Such interactions […]

Teen Bullying Is the New Epidemic: What Steps Should Parents Take?

worried teen with smartphone

In July 2023, News 18 reported on Aydin Pedone, a 15-year-old teenager from Hudson Falls, who fell prey to bullying. An online video clip of the teen in a Spiderman costume showed that he was subjected to severe bullying, leading to a broken nose. According to the New York Post, Aydin was coerced into coming […]

The Comprehensive Healing Power of Holistic Therapy

serene waterfall in woods

Holistic therapy, also known as holistic psychology, considers the entirety of an individual, encompassing the physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual dimensions of being. By emphasizing the interconnected facets of a person’s existence, this therapeutic approach has become increasingly favored among those open to supplementary and unconventional mental health treatments. How Can Holistic Mental Health Care […]

Common Myths and Misconceptions about Depression

concerned woman checking phone

Depression is one of the most common mental health disorders, though much about it is misunderstood. There are many myths and misconceptions that contribute to the stigma of depression and make it harder for people to open up about it. This article will examine some common myths and misconceptions about depression and set the record […]

Person-Centered Counseling for Depression: Tailoring Support to Each Individual

therapist and client

Undeniably, depression affects many people, each with a unique set of challenges and battles. A personalized approach to treatment is essential for addressing the complexities of this mental health condition. Leading the way in personalized treatment is person-centered counseling—an empathetic form of therapy that empowers people and resonates with the unique experience of each individual. […]

How Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy (CBGT) Can Help Teens Challenge Cognitive Distortions

older teens talking

“I failed at the swimming tryouts today. I’m no good at swimming, so I should just quit.” “What if I study now but still fail the exam tomorrow?” “My teacher complimented my art, but I know he was just being nice to me.” You might hear comments like these often from your teen. These are […]

Social Media Can Kill: The Illicit Drug Trade Goes Online

young adult on smartphone

“The package came in the mail for my daughter—I put it on the counter with everything else. I didn’t give it a second thought. Why would I?” My friend—a retired cop—had called me every day and spoke the exact same words, sometimes more than once in a single conversation. The strange thing was that his […]

10 Misconceptions About Depression

depressed man sitting in bathtub

At least 280 million people globally are affected by depression. Yet, it is among the most misunderstood, stigmatized, and misperceived conditions. Unfortunately, the misunderstandings and misconceptions surrounding depression can prevent people from getting the help they need. Take a look at the most common misconceptions about depression below. 1. “Depressed people simply need to be […]

Accessible Healing: Unveiling the Power of Cost-Effective Mental Health Care for All

Black family sitting on doorstep.

For years, mental illness has been heavily stigmatized. As a result, many people refrained from seeking help for their mental health. Fortunately, attitudes have improved somewhat in recent years, and receiving mental health treatment has become a more normalized practice. However, while mental health disorders have become less stigmatized, help is still unavailable for many […]

How I Overcame Body Dysmorphia and Rediscovered Myself

hand touching glass reflection

Hello, dear readers. Today, I want to share my personal journey of battling body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). For 26 years, I lived in a body I found disgusting, believing I was unattractive and flawed. The constant comparisons to others left me feeling inadequate and isolated. However, through perseverance, support, and professional help, I have started […]

EMDR: A Powerful New Weapon in the Fight Against Substance Use Disorder

woman in therapy session

Substance use disorder (SUD) has a variety of potential causes — and just as many treatments. One of the biggest causes is trauma of some sort. Traumatic early childhood experiences are one of the biggest risk factors for developing addiction. While not all trauma may result in post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) or directly cause someone […]

Healthy Aging: Strategies to Maintain Mental Well-being in Later Life

older couple walking

It’s sad to see friends in their golden years sink into depression or lose their sharpness of mind. However, if you’re in that spot and getting up there in age, it’s important to know that not everyone ages the same, and you can retain clarity and happiness well into your later years. It’s never too […]

What is Your Learning Language? Part 4: Learning from Power and Authority

triumphant person on mountop at sunrise

Based on the concept of the Love Languages by Gary Chapman, I developed a series of 15 Learning Languages or Learning Styles I present here to help people understand how we learn throughout our lifetimes. Learning Languages 13-15 are our ways of Learning from Power and Authority. Learning from Power and Authority means learning from […]

What is Your Learning Language? Part 3: Learning from Experience

skateboarder in striped shirt

Based on the concept of the Love Languages by Gary Chapman, I developed a series of 15 Learning Languages or Learning Styles I present here to help people understand how we learn throughout our lifetimes. Learning Languages 9-12 are our ways of Learning from Experience. Learning from Experience means gaining knowledge and wisdom from the […]

What is Your Learning Language? Part 2: Learning Through Teaching Pathways

couple assembling furniture

Based on the concept of the Love Languages by Gary Chapman, I developed a series of 15 Learning Languages or Learning Styles I present here to help people understand how we learn throughout our lifetimes. Learning Languages 4-8 are about Learning through Teaching Pathways. Teaching Pathways include being self-taught and having others instruct you. Anyone […]

What is Your Learning Language? Part 1: Learning Through Reflective Wisdom

woman outdoors holding mirror

Based on the concept of the Love Languages by Gary Chapman, I developed a series of 15 Learning Languages or Learning Styles I present here to help people understand how we learn throughout our lifetimes. “You never learn” and “Why can’t you learn?” are comments frequently made by people frustrated with loved ones who repeat […]

Mental Health Screening: A Proactive Approach to Well-Being

man standing in front of window

Mental health is a crucial aspect of overall well-being. It relates to how we think, feel, and act and plays a significant role in determining our quality of life. Unfortunately, mental health conditions are often overlooked or stigmatized, leading to the neglect of necessary treatment and support. As such, a proactive approach to mental health […]

The Role of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in Autism Treatment: Exploring Effective Strategies and Techniques

teacher and young student

In this new world of instant information at our fingertips, there is no shortage of advice available for families and caregivers of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Knowing which advice to follow and which to ignore can seem monumental. Fortunately, there is a type of therapy designed to promote positive behavior change in children […]

What do Taxi Driver, Death Note, and The Scream have in Common with the Genius of the Human Psyche? Understanding the Human Condition through Dostoevsky’s Literary Legacy

hands holding open book

When it comes to the human psyche and its imprint upon literature, no other writer is discussed and celebrated more than the Russian author Fyodor Dostoevsky. Also referred to as ‘Shakespeare of the lunatic asylum,’ his realistic portrayals of mental anguish and exploration of the darkest impulses of the human mind make for some of […]

How to Support Teens Emotionally Without Being Overbearing

mother and teen daughter

Raising teens is one of the most challenging tasks of parenting. Your child is undergoing a strange hormone-fuelled metamorphosis, and suddenly, you have a half-adult in your house. While it’s a tough time for parents, it’s just as hard, maybe even harder, for teens. These formative years are critical, and the wrong approach can lead […]

Cultivating Healthy Habits: Small Steps Towards Long-Term Wellness

woman running

In today’s fast-paced world, healthy habits often take a backseat to the demands of work and social life. However, cultivating healthy habits is essential for long-term wellness and a fulfilling life. The good news is that even small changes can make a big difference in how you feel in mind and body. From drinking plenty […]

The Crucial Role of Nutrition in Mental Health

family preparing healthy food

In the pursuit of better mental health, various factors come into play. One often overlooked aspect is nutrition. The food we consume can significantly impact our mental well-being, influencing mood, cognition, and overall mental health. This article will explore the vital connection between nutrition and mental health, shedding light on how a well-balanced diet can […]

Post-Divorce Depression: Causes, Risks, and Treatment

sad woman with crossed arms.

When a marriage falls apart, it can significantly impact a person’s life. One common health hazard that often accompanies divorce is depression. Feeling sad or down for a brief time after divorce is a normal reaction to the breakup of a marriage. However, an increasing number of divorced people stay in a depressive state for […]

Back to School for Children with Anxiety: Tips for Parents

children in classroom

As we usher in the back-to-school season, the hot, unstructured days of summer are giving way to school corridors. This transition can bring eager anticipation of new teachers, classes, and potential friendships. It can also bring nervousness and sometimes worry for children and parents alike. Transitions of this sort can feel scary because they take […]

Naloxone: The Life-Saving Antidote for Opioid Overdose

ambulance on city street

Deaths due to opioid overdoses may be more common than you think. From 1999 to 2021, more than 106,000 people in the US have died due to opioid overdoses. In 2021 alone, there were 80,411 opioid overdose deaths. Opioids include drugs like heroin, morphine, fentanyl, and methadone. Some are used for medical purposes, and some […]

Overcoming Trauma with a Holistic Approach to Therapy: Mind, Body, and Soul

person standing before sunset

Sitting on a couch is a therapist with a clipboard. We talk about our problems. We discuss them in great detail. We connect them back to problems in our childhood. Then we expand upon those problems. Sometimes we leave the session feeling more anxious and distraught than when we started. Or maybe we leave the […]

Emotional Intelligence and Intellectual Health: Integrating Empathy and Rationality

women with braided hair at window

In our fast-paced and interconnected world, Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Intellectual Health (IH) have emerged as crucial elements for personal and professional growth. Emotional Intelligence refers to understanding and managing emotions effectively, while Intellectual Health encompasses critical thinking, open-mindedness, and intellectual humility. Striking a delicate balance between rationality and empathy is essential for fostering healthier […]

Top Screen Time Management Tips for Those with Mental Health Conditions

smartphone selfie

As technology continues to develop at a rapid pace, it’s virtually impossible to avoid screens and digital devices. From work to leisure time, it has become all too easy to spend hours on end looking at a screen without considering the impact on your health. By being more aware of your devices’ impacts, you can […]

Unseen Heroes: The Vital Roles of Loved Ones in Depression Support

friends holding hands

Today, we’re diving into a topic close to many hearts: the roles of loved ones in depression support. It’s a journey filled with empathy, understanding, and a whole lot of love. Understanding Depression: It’s More than Just Sadness Depression is like a stubborn fog that refuses to lift, making the world dull and lifeless. It’s […]

Maternal Depression in Second Pregnancies: The Untold Story

toddler with newborn sibling

Pregnancy is one of the most life-changing events a woman can experience. A number of physiological and psychological changes occur as the body prepares to nurture and grow new life. However, people often hype the first-time pregnancy experience, while the second and subsequent ones are seen as less important. The second pregnancy is treated more […]

10,000 Friends, One Lonely Soul: The Impact of Social Media on Stress, Depression, and Anxiety

laptop and smartphone

Social media has helped us connect and communicate with thousands of people around the world. However, as our connections grow in number, an emptiness within our hearts emerges. Many people around the globe are experiencing a feeling of loneliness, depression, and stress despite having thousands of friends online. A recent study found that reducing social […]

What’s Standing in the Way of Improved Mental Health for All?

serious African American man

Most people experience mental health challenges from time to time. However, the signs of a problem aren’t always obvious. Common indicators are stress, insomnia, anxiety, or depression—conditions millions of people suffer silently through each day. With all of the qualified professionals and tech-based solutions available, it is easier than ever to get mental health help. […]

Mental Health Misdiagnoses in Children: What to Look Out for in Diagnosing Childhood Mental Health Disorders

child with painted hands

When a child has mental health issues, getting the right treatment and care for that child is critical. Unfortunately, many children are misdiagnosed with the wrong mental health disorder, which ultimately means they may not receive adequate treatment. Find out why mental health misdiagnoses happen so often in children, what conditions are most commonly misdiagnosed, […]

Should I See a Therapist or Psychologist, and What’s the Difference Between Them?

family therapy session

If you’ve ever wondered about the differences between therapists and psychologists, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll take a journey to demystify these professions, exploring their unique roles, qualifications, and how they can help individuals seeking mental well-being. So, grab a cup of your favorite beverage, and let’s get started! Exploring Therapists […]

Teen Suicides Are on the Rise: What Can Parents Do?

male teen wearing hoodie

In April 2023, Bloomberg reported deeply disturbing news involving Chase Nasca, who died by suicide at age 16. In the days before his death, his TikTok feed was full of videos glorifying suicide. To the horror of Chase’s parents, the social media app was still pushing suicide-obsessed content to his feed more than a year […]

Which Depression Treatment Is Best for You?

thoughtful man on wall

All over the world, depression, a complicated mental health problem, affects millions of individuals. Depression can have a significant adverse impact on daily life, interpersonal relations, and general well-being. Fortunately, there are various ways to manage it, ranging from therapy and medication to lifestyle changes and alternative therapies. In this blog, we will explore different […]

Empower, Don’t Enable: How to Stop Enabling Loved Ones with Addiction Issues

Enabling is a pattern of behavior in which a parent, partner, or loved one with addiction issues assists or supports that person’s harmful or self-destructive habits, often unintentionally. This can take many forms, such as giving someone money or covering up for a loved one’s relapse. Enabling can come from a genuine desire to help, […]

The Mental Health Toll of Poverty: Understanding Challenges Faced by the Poor in the United States

homeless man on bench

Living in poverty is exhausting. People who cannot afford to live comfortably and pay all their bills often have to deal with extraordinary challenges while living under near-constant stress. In the United States, with its wealth, many people live below the poverty line. A surprising 12.8% of the population falls under the poverty line, with […]

The Impact of Combat Exposure on Veterans’ Mental Health and Strategies for Coping

Strategies for Coping When combat veterans end their service and come home, they often leave one battle behind to begin another. For many veterans, the mental health battle is one they face alone. Some will experience difficult emotions such as anxiety, guilt, anger, and feelings of worthlessness. These painful emotions can develop into mental health […]

How Nursing Interventions Can Help Families Affected by Mental Health Conditions

nurse sorting medications

Families affected by mental conditions often face significant challenges in their daily lives. The impact of mental health issues extends beyond the individual to the entire family unit, affecting relationships, communication, and overall well-being. According to the nonprofit news outlet The Conversation, parents struggling with depression tend to exhibit increased negativity towards their children, such […]

Promoting Mental Health Awareness in Rural Communities Online

small-town America

Mental health is essential to overall well-being, yet it can be difficult for many individuals to access the resources and support they need. Alongside general obstacles to treatment and knowledge, different communities can face challenges specific to their populations and environments. This is why it is crucial to establish tools most relevant to each community’s […]

Back to School Support for New Canaan College Students with Mental Health Conditions

students walking on college campus

As the summer draws to a close and the new school year approaches, college students with mental health conditions and their families should be taking steps to ensure the necessary supports are in place. Anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges can significantly impact a student’s academic and personal life. Laurel House and its gateway […]

How Telehealth is Making Addiction Care More Equitable

black woman on laptop video session

Substance use has come under the spotlight again in recent years, due to the opioid crisis, which has affected millions of Americans. Opioids aren’t the only substance being abused, of course—21.4% of people 12 and over have used illegal substances or abused prescription drugs in the last year. While not all of them became addicted, […]

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Schizophrenia Management

young female professional

Schizophrenia is a long-lasting, serious, and often disabling neurological condition that impacts an individual’s cognition, behavior, and emotions. It can make it hard to distinguish between what’s real and not real, think clearly, and make decisions. Schizophrenia symptoms include hallucinations (seeing or hearing things that aren’t there), delusions (false beliefs), and disorganized thinking. According to […]

How to Hack Your Stress Response and Overcome Adversity

woman jogging near water

Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed? It’s natural to feel anxious when life throws a curveball at you. It doesn’t have to last forever—there are things you can do to help yourself become more resilient, manage your stress response, and find ways to thrive in the face of adversity. This post will help you build […]

Developing Your Creativity: Innovative Ways to Enhance Your Mental Well-Being

woman observing abstract art

Embracing creativity and innovation in your life is more than just a fun pursuit. It also has positive effects on your health. Developing your creativity can decrease your heart rate, lower stress, and enhance your emotional state. Relaxing activities such as crafting and gardening create a calm and peaceful state, which allows the brain to […]

Reclaiming Your Joy: The Power of Incorporating Hobbies into Your Busy Life

visual art project

Hobbies are much more than an entertaining way to spend your time. Several studies have shown that people who actively engage in hobbies are less likely to experience stress, low mood, and depression. One 2021 study by Simon Fraser University researchers found that keeping active through varied activities can even reduce the risk of developing dementia. Just about […]

Flexing Your Mental Muscles: The Power of Brain Exercises

happy woman writing on paper.

Flexing the muscles in your brain is just as important as working out the muscles in the rest of your body. Just as doctors tell you to exercise regularly to keep your body healthy, exercising your brain helps keep it in the best shape possible. Keeping your brain active and your mind sharp can improve […]

Navigating the Intersection of Mental Health and Social Justice: Understanding the Impacts of Oppression on Mental Wellness

Toni Morrison quote on protest sign

Mental health and social justice are vital topics that significantly affect our well-being. The intersection of these two areas has gained increasing importance in recent years. Oppression, discrimination, and inequality can profoundly impact mental wellness. This article aims to examine the effects of oppression on mental health and emphasize the significance of comprehending and promoting […]

Managing Job Search Stress: Tips for Maintaining Your Mental Health During the Search Process

woman in job interview

We know it’s important for employers to support employee well-being, but for job hunters, the hard part comes before they’re hired. When you need to find work quickly or are in a difficult financial situation, job hunting can be a very stressful experience. The process of looking for a job is frequently lengthy and exhausting. […]

School Refusal: What to Do If Your Child is Avoiding School

stubborn girl in pink

Does your child repeatedly ask to stay home from school when feeling anxious or afraid? Do anxiety and worry cause your child to skip classes or avoid doing homework? School refusal is a growing problem in the US, affecting up to 5% of children.  What is school refusal? According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of […]

Understanding and Setting Boundaries with a Loved One Who Has Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

purple flowers through a wood fence

In 2019, after a lifelong struggle with suicidality and intense fears of abandonment, my husband was finally diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD). Although we’ve since rejected the BPD label (mainly due to the stigmatization and misconceptions it can carry), having some terminology to help us make sense of his inner landscape was tremendously valuable. […]

16 MBTI Personality Types Under Stress

young woman with emotion signs

MBTI, which stands for Myers Briggs Type Indicator, is a personality assessment tool that explains our individual psychological preferences. If you’ve ever wondered what makes you unique in your perceptions and relationships, this tool can help you understand. The core concept of MBTI personality types revolves around the idea that we all have distinct preferences […]

How to Know If You Need a Break from Social Media

close up of man holding smartphone.

Social media has many wonderful uses. It is a place to share meaningful experiences—a place to make connections with like-minded people and feel that you are a part of something bigger. Despite its usefulness as an amazing tool for human connection, social media has some drawbacks. If not used appropriately, it can negatively impact your […]

Postpartum Depression: Causes, Risks, and Treatment

mother and newborn

Becoming a parent is one of life’s most exciting moments. But this event can also trigger fear, anxiety, or even depression. New moms who experience postpartum depression need to receive the right treatment to manage their symptoms and bond with their babies. Below, we’ll discuss the common causes of postpartum depression, its risks, and common […]

Panic Attack versus Anxiety Attack: Understanding the Difference and How to Cope

close-up of panicked eyes

If you have ever experienced a sudden surge of overwhelming fear or anxiety, you may have wondered if you were having a panic attack or an anxiety attack. While “panic attack” and “anxiety attack” are often used interchangeably, they are not the same. Understanding the difference between the two types of episodes and knowing how […]

5 Steps to Healing from Burnout

sunflower blossom

If work has left you feeling exhausted, on edge, or disinterested, you may be suffering burnout. Long hours, heightened responsibilities, and a lack of balance between work and home life have become the norm for many Americans following the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving workers feeling drained, pessimistic, and burnt out. What is burnout? Burnout is an […]

Breaking the Stigma of Mental Health in the Workplace

diverse business workgroup

In today’s fast-paced and competitive business world, mental health has become an increasingly important issue. Mental health concerns in the workplace can affect the performance and productivity of employees, as well as the overall success of a company. Yet, despite the growing awareness of the importance of mental health, there is still a stigma associated […]

How Can We Develop a Proper Work-Life Balance for Healthcare Workers?

exhausted health care worker

Healthcare never sleeps. Hospitals are open round the clock because people need treatment every hour of every day. It’s necessary, but for the people who work in healthcare, it can also be debilitating. Holidays, weekends, and dinner with the family are never guaranteed. In a work environment that never stops, is it even possible to […]

Money Stories and How They Shape Our Lives

stressed woman counting money

A money story makes up your personal beliefs, emotions, and thoughts around money. Your money story starts forming in childhood and is passed down from your caregiver, culture, and other influences in your young life. Your money story can have good and bad chapters. Understanding how these different chapters can affect your life as an […]

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