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Reclaiming Happiness: A Guide to Managing Anxiety and Depression

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Anxiety and depression often co-exist, filling a person with negativity. At some point, these two things affect almost everyone alive, manifesting uniquely in each person. The level of depression and anxiety varies for everyone, but even when they seem to get out of control, there are several ways to manage both. According to a report […]

8 Methods to Overcome Travel Anxiety (Before and During Travel)

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Travel anxiety is a common issue that affects many travelers. The thought of traveling can bring about feelings of stress, fear, and hesitancy. These feelings can arise from various concerns, such as: This article will provide eight methods to help you overcome travel anxiety before and during your trip. 1. Start Early on Your Plan […]

Navigating Mental Health Transitions in Later Life

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It is a blessing to make it to the later stages of life. You have a lifetime of experiences behind you. However, this can also make aging quite tricky. Your older years will undoubtedly bring unique challenges, opportunities, and adjustments. One of the most notable transitions is how you may have to navigate mental health. […]

The Evolving Role of Peer Support in Mental Health Recovery: A New Perspective on Healing

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When it comes to mental health recovery, there’s something profoundly powerful about connecting with someone who’s been in your shoes and can relate to what you’re going through. This article explores the expanding role of peer support in mental health recovery, an effort led by individuals who themselves have faced mental health challenges. In this […]

It’s Not a Rampaging Hippo, It’s a Towel: The Anxiety/Avoidance Cycle and How to Break It

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I won’t be able to handle it. It’s too risky. Better to be safe than sorry. I had just washed my hands at my sister’s house and was staring at the towel hanging between the sink and the shower. It looked like it might be wet, so I knew someone else had used that towel. […]

Two is Not Necessarily Better Than One: An Alternative Perspective on Comorbidity and “Behavioral” Health Diagnoses

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Constructing a diagnostic manual for the mental health professions is not a straightforward task. Unlike medical disorders, mental health conditions do not come with biological markers. There is no culture that can be taken, no blood test, no specific bacteria or virus that can be found. In short, while well-trained practitioners most often agree, the […]

Finding Purpose Living with Treatment-Resistant Mental Health Conditions

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Living with a mental health disorder is hard enough. It can seem like a never-ending pursuit to find the right therapist, medication, and ways to cope. The darkness and distress of conditions such as major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder can leave you feeling helpless, struggling to find anything that works. Having a purpose […]

An Extra Loud Mind: The Intersection of Anxiety and ADHD as Co-occurring Disorders

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Living with co-occurring anxiety and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can feel like a never-ending uphill climb. Having both conditions contributes to what some describe as an “extra loud” mind, characterized by racing thoughts, worries, and distractions. The intersection of ADHD and anxiety can present in various ways, from struggling with organization and time management to increased […]

Understanding ADHD and Gender: A Comprehensive Study on Gender-Specific Comorbidities and Care

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As a psychotherapist, I have always been fascinated by the intricate psychiatric landscape accompanying attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and its occurrence among diverse gender categories, including transgender and non-binary individuals. Frank Vitetta from ADHDtest.ai and I decided to embark on a comprehensive study that delved deep into the intricacies of ADHD, particularly focusing on its prevalence […]

Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder

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Living with borderline personality disorder (BPD) can be challenging, impacting various aspects of one’s life. This guide aims to shed light on the complexities of BPD, from understanding the disorder to resources for support and coping strategies. Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder: BPD stands for borderline personality disorder. It is a mental health condition characterized by […]

Managing ADHD When Working from Home

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For many adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), the rise in work-from-home culture has been a double-edged sword. On one hand, working from home eliminates the stress of a traditional office environment and provides more flexibility. On the other, it introduces new challenges that can impede focus and productivity, amplifying the difficulties inherent to ADHD. If […]

The Role of Social Support in Perinatal Depression: Help for Pregnant Moms

stressed mother with baby

What is Perinatal Depression? Perinatal depression is a type of depression that can occur anytime during pregnancy and up to one year after delivery. Typical symptoms of depression are a change in mood, loss of interest in daily activities, feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness, and, in some cases, suicidal thoughts. Risk factors that contribute to […]

PCOS and Body Image: Embracing These Lifestyle Changes Helped Me Feel Empowered

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I was in my late twenties when I was finally diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) — a hormonal imbalance where the ovaries produce an excess of male hormones. After nearly two decades of irregular, painful periods, chronic inflammation, and rapidly increasing weight, I was equally relieved and overwhelmed to know what was wrong. Years […]

The Gut-Brain Connection: How Your Gut Health Affects Your Mental Wellbeing

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An optimally functioning gut has trillions of microbes living harmoniously to provide essential nutrients while protecting the body from potential pathogens. These microbes also communicate with your immune system and the rest of the body through hormonal and neural messengers known as the gut-brain connection axis. Many studies show a connection between gut health and […]

How Stigma Impacts People with Mental Health Issues

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When people struggle with mental health, it can feel like no one else understands what they’re going through. This lack of understanding can create an isolating feeling that makes their struggles worse. The stigma surrounding mental health can make many afraid of sharing their mental health struggles with friends and family, worried that they might […]

How Helping Others Helped Me Find My Path Toward Healing

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When I first stepped into my role as a peer support specialist, there were so many thoughts and emotions racing through my mind. I was plagued with questions like, “Why should anyone listen to me?” and “What if I let someone down?” The weight of responsibility felt overwhelming, and the fear of failing those I […]

What Is the Actual Relationship between Mental Illness and Gun Violence? A Look at the Science Behind Mass Shootings

Strangers hold hands at Aurora, CO memorial

For years, psychologists, politicians, and policymakers have debated whether or not mental illness causes mass shootings. Due to the high rates of mental health disorders and the increase in mass shootings in the United States, people have begun to assume that the two are inevitably related. Following the occurrence of another tragic mass shooting in […]

Narcissistic Abuse and Codependency: Breaking the Enmeshment Cycle

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Being partnered with an abuser can be as disorienting as it is devastating, creating challenges that are not always immediately apparent. Victims of narcissistic abuse, subjected to varying levels of manipulation and control, often find themselves slipping into patterns of codependency, defined as maintaining a relationship that is one-sided or abusive in nature.[1] Such interactions […]

Common Myths and Misconceptions about Depression

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Depression is one of the most common mental health disorders, though much about it is misunderstood. There are many myths and misconceptions that contribute to the stigma of depression and make it harder for people to open up about it. This article will examine some common myths and misconceptions about depression and set the record […]

10 Misconceptions About Depression

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At least 280 million people globally are affected by depression. Yet, it is among the most misunderstood, stigmatized, and misperceived conditions. Unfortunately, the misunderstandings and misconceptions surrounding depression can prevent people from getting the help they need. Take a look at the most common misconceptions about depression below. 1. “Depressed people simply need to be […]

Accessible Healing: Unveiling the Power of Cost-Effective Mental Health Care for All

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For years, mental illness has been heavily stigmatized. As a result, many people refrained from seeking help for their mental health. Fortunately, attitudes have improved somewhat in recent years, and receiving mental health treatment has become a more normalized practice. However, while mental health disorders have become less stigmatized, help is still unavailable for many […]

Mental Health Screening: A Proactive Approach to Well-Being

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Mental health is a crucial aspect of overall well-being. It relates to how we think, feel, and act and plays a significant role in determining our quality of life. Unfortunately, mental health conditions are often overlooked or stigmatized, leading to the neglect of necessary treatment and support. As such, a proactive approach to mental health […]

Post-Divorce Depression: Causes, Risks, and Treatment

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When a marriage falls apart, it can significantly impact a person’s life. One common health hazard that often accompanies divorce is depression. Feeling sad or down for a brief time after divorce is a normal reaction to the breakup of a marriage. However, an increasing number of divorced people stay in a depressive state for […]

What’s Standing in the Way of Improved Mental Health for All?

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Most people experience mental health challenges from time to time. However, the signs of a problem aren’t always obvious. Common indicators are stress, insomnia, anxiety, or depression—conditions millions of people suffer silently through each day. With all of the qualified professionals and tech-based solutions available, it is easier than ever to get mental health help. […]

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Schizophrenia Management

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Schizophrenia is a long-lasting, serious, and often disabling neurological condition that impacts an individual’s cognition, behavior, and emotions. It can make it hard to distinguish between what’s real and not real, think clearly, and make decisions. Schizophrenia symptoms include hallucinations (seeing or hearing things that aren’t there), delusions (false beliefs), and disorganized thinking. According to […]

Managing Job Search Stress: Tips for Maintaining Your Mental Health During the Search Process

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We know it’s important for employers to support employee well-being, but for job hunters, the hard part comes before they’re hired. When you need to find work quickly or are in a difficult financial situation, job hunting can be a very stressful experience. The process of looking for a job is frequently lengthy and exhausting. […]

Understanding and Setting Boundaries with a Loved One Who Has Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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In 2019, after a lifelong struggle with suicidality and intense fears of abandonment, my husband was finally diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD). Although we’ve since rejected the BPD label (mainly due to the stigmatization and misconceptions it can carry), having some terminology to help us make sense of his inner landscape was tremendously valuable. […]

Postpartum Depression: Causes, Risks, and Treatment

mother and newborn

Becoming a parent is one of life’s most exciting moments. But this event can also trigger fear, anxiety, or even depression. New moms who experience postpartum depression need to receive the right treatment to manage their symptoms and bond with their babies. Below, we’ll discuss the common causes of postpartum depression, its risks, and common […]

Panic Attack versus Anxiety Attack: Understanding the Difference and How to Cope

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If you have ever experienced a sudden surge of overwhelming fear or anxiety, you may have wondered if you were having a panic attack or an anxiety attack. While “panic attack” and “anxiety attack” are often used interchangeably, they are not the same. Understanding the difference between the two types of episodes and knowing how […]

Breaking the Stigma of Mental Health in the Workplace

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In today’s fast-paced and competitive business world, mental health has become an increasingly important issue. Mental health concerns in the workplace can affect the performance and productivity of employees, as well as the overall success of a company. Yet, despite the growing awareness of the importance of mental health, there is still a stigma associated […]

Mental Health Issues Faced by Older Adults and How to Cope With Them

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Older adults can experience mental health issues due to life changes, such as retirement or losing a loved one. They may also develop emotional problems because of physical disabilities or severe illness. Mental health and well-being are crucial in any stage of life, including older age. So, what mental health issues do older adults face, […]

Is Your Senior Loved One Struggling with Anxiety? Tips to Relieve the Worries and Fears of Older Adults

daughter and elderly mother

Anxiety is a natural response to stress or danger, and it can manifest as feelings of fear, apprehension, or unease. It is a common experience for people of all ages, but it can be particularly challenging for seniors who may already be dealing with physical or emotional changes. Addressing anxiety in seniors is crucial for […]

How to Deal with Different Emotions in a Range of Environments

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We all experience various emotions, whether joy, sadness, anger, or something in between. Sometimes our emotions are hard to handle, and it can feel like they come out of nowhere and don’t even make sense to us. But the truth is that when we understand and are mindful of the environments around us, we can […]

How to Endure a Job Loss without Depression: 7 Practical Tips for Coping

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Job loss can be one of the most challenging experiences to endure. It doesn’t matter whether it’s due to a company downsizing, economic downturn, or personal reasons. Losing your job can leave you feeling lost and vulnerable. However, it’s normal to feel a range of emotions during this time, including anxiety, fear, anger, and sadness. […]

How Depression Affects Your Energy Levels

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Depression is a serious mental health disorder that affects masses of people around the world. While it is typically associated with feelings of sadness, apathy, and low motivation, it can also negatively impact energy levels. Understanding how depression affects liveliness and vigor can give you a fuller understanding of this condition and its impact on […]

14 Methods for How I Cope with Mental Illness

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Coping with mental illness has never been easy. There’s a lot involved, including your commitment to mental wellness goals and outside factors such as stigma. However, with the right routine, tools, and guidelines, you can cope with mental illness. You may wonder what those guidelines are. My battle with mental illness went on for about […]

Managing a Mental Health Condition and Your Career

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If you have a mental health condition such as anxiety, depression, or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), you can still have a satisfying and lucrative career even as you manage your condition. It’s an outdated practice to measure success at work as a fifty-fifty split between salary and job title. There is so much more to maintaining […]

7 Signs You Could Be Struggling With Mental Health

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A common stereotype of mental illness is of someone speaking to imaginary beings or acting irrationally in public, not considering the effects of their behavior. Although these can be indications of a mental health problem, some other signs of mental illness are not so visible and may be hidden beneath a charming smile and clever […]

This Year, Choose Self-Care: Top Mental Health Apps for 2023

Mental health apps are a positive start toward improved mental health in 2023. This article will be especially helpful to beginning users who are confused about where and how to start.   These mental health apps can benefit anyone interested in health and wellness, as well as those with mental health conditions. They’re a perfect fit […]

The Importance of Screening for Anxiety and Depression

In September of 2022, the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) released draft recommendations stating that all adults under age 65 should be screened for anxiety and depressive conditions. The Task Force, an independent voluntary panel of national experts in disease prevention and evidence-based medicine, cites that Americans are reporting symptoms of mental health […]

Be Easy On Yourself: Healing Mental Health and Trauma After a Sexual Assault

Moments of extreme trauma can have life-changing impacts on your mental and emotional health. Immediately following a sexual assault, it’s easy to feel that things will never be the same again. You will be okay. The path to recovery takes time and effort. Following the right steps can make dealing with domestic violence or sexual […]

Do You Question Your Reality? Here’s How You Can Overcome Dissociation

Feeling disconnected? Do you experience dissociation? Is it so intense that you just blink and feel like a week has passed? How long were you away from your body anyway? Those are difficult questions to answer. Dissociation starts with feeling disoriented. Then there’s memory loss. I have years in my life that I don’t remember […]

The Impact of Domestic Violence on Mental Health

Though domestic violence may leave you with scars and bruises, the harm often goes deeper than the physical. An experience of domestic violence can have a lasting negative impact on your overall well-being. One of the most common and severe effects of domestic abuse is adversely impacted mental health. Domestic abuse can leave you with […]

3 Tools to Help You Cope with a Sensory Processing Disorder

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Sensory processing disorders have gotten a lot of recognition lately, but the condition is by no means new. It was first identified in the 1960s when Dr. Anna Jean Ayres speculated that behavioral problems in children were linked to issues with absorbing, understanding, and processing their external environments. In 2006, Dr. Lucy Miller––a student of […]

The Importance of Interdependence in Relationships

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The idea of independence is associated with strength, self-sufficiency, and autonomy. While being independent is important for survival, we cannot function independently without interdependence. Interdependence is when two or more people rely on each other for support, and it is a necessary and healthy part of our physical, mental, and emotional development. Interdependence is often […]

How to Spot the Signs and Symptoms of a Personality Disorder

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Everyone has a unique personality. People’s personalities grow as they go through various life events. Most people are adaptable enough to learn from their mistakes and adjust their behavior when necessary. On the other hand, people with personality disorders find it far more challenging to manage their behavior. They have distressing thoughts and emotions that […]

Are You a People Pleaser? How to Maintain Healthy Boundaries

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I first heard the term ‘people pleaser’ in my mid 30’s when I started working in a residential addiction treatment facility. Until then, I had never really thought about how my bending over backward to please others had affected me. I had always believed that accommodating other people’s needs was a good thing—that I was […]

Taking on Your Trauma: Tips for Dealing with PTSD

At some point in your life, you might experience a violent or frightening event that triggers a severe stress response and trauma symptoms. In many cases, those symptoms get better with time, but sometimes they get more intense and linger, interfering with your everyday life. Persistent trauma symptoms could mean you have post-traumatic stress disorder […]

Functional Neurological Disorder: Early Signs and Symptoms

Functional neurological disorder (FND), or conversion disorder, as some people know it, is a disease where electrical signals in the brain aren’t communicating correctly. The body relies on these signals for everything from movement to digestion, so disruption can be catastrophic. While there isn’t a mechanical or structural cause for FND, there are several symptoms […]

Maintaining Your Mental Health in Menopause

You may know a lot about the physical effects of menopause, but how much have you heard about its cognitive and psychological impacts? The mental health implications of this transition are just as real as the bodily ones and just as manageable with good information and support. Confidence and Self-Esteem In our youth-idolizing culture, changes […]

Improving Mental Health Care in Rural America: Are Mobile Health Clinics the Answer?

Mental health is a challenge that the entire nation has struggled with of late. While this in and of itself is worrying, those living in rural America seem to have even more significant barriers to overcome. People in rural areas have less access to healthcare resources than their urban counterparts, resulting in poorer health. Though […]

Trauma and Social Isolation: How Do They Relate?

Today’s mental health landscape is turbulent. Worldwide events of the past few years have created some of the most widespread mental health strains and stress the world has ever known. Though awareness of mental illness and psychological health might be at an all-time high in many places, the number of people living with significant mental […]

How to Create a Productive Study Environment for Students with ADHD and Other Special Needs

One of the most important things you can do to help students succeed in school is to create a productive study environment. However, when it comes to managing students with mental health needs, it becomes a  bit more complicated. The ultimate goal is to still create a productive study environment, but also one that meets […]

Depression versus Sadness: How to Recognize and Cope with Each

As human beings, we all feel sad at times. Sadness is a natural emotion that everyone experiences. It occurs at different levels, and people often confuse extreme sadness with depression. Here is a detailed guide to help you know the difference between sadness and depression, so you can treat your depression or cope with sadness […]

Coping with Intense Social Anxiety

Does hearing laughter as you walk by a group of people make you feel self-conscious? Are you a lover of the great indoors, specifically your home? You walk into a room of seated people, and they’re looking at you. How do you feel? Everybody experiences social discomfort throughout their lives. It’s the reason for common sayings […]

Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace

Employee mental health problems can impact a business quite seriously. Approximately 80% of adults with depression report at least some difficulty with their work, home, or social activities, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Among the many dimensions of wellness, mental health in the workplace and associated issues are more difficult […]

Understanding Hoarding Disorder: What You Need to Know

Do you know that saving or storing material items of little worth can be a sign of a mental health problem? Hoarding disorder is a condition in which people have persistent difficulty letting go of things that are not useful and end up storing them unnecessarily. What is Hoarding Disorder? According to Mayo Clinic, compulsive […]

How Childhood Trauma Leads to Adult Mental Health Problems

These days, there is greater public awareness about the impacts of traumatic events. Books such as The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk and Trauma and Recovery by Judith Lewis Herman, among many others, have played an essential role in educating us about the effects interpersonal trauma can have across a lifetime. […]

Can Psychopathy Be Treated?

Many people believe that individuals labeled ‘psychopaths’ are incapable of change, destined to remain stuck in their patterns of criminality, manipulation, and lack of empathy. But is this really true? In this article, we will explore what psychopathy truly is and whether treatment can be effective in helping those with this condition. Understanding more about […]

Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms of PTSD

While many people have heard of PTSD, there is still widespread misunderstanding about it and the various ways it can show up in people. We often connect PTSD with flashbacks, but many are unaware of the cognitive symptoms and avoidance behavior that are also prominent for those who live with the disorder. This article will […]

How to Help Someone in a Mental Health Crisis

May is Mental Health Month. It’s a great time to become more intimately acquainted with your own mental health needs and educate yourself on specific topics within the field of mental health. Just as it’s essential to keep a first aid kit on hand to ensure your preparedness for medical emergencies, it is vital to […]

What Is the Most Effective Treatment for Phobias? Try Exposure Therapy

Though we often use the word phobia in casual conversation, many people are unaware of the extent of fear and distress they cause. Specific phobias are serious mental health conditions that require professional attention and support. This article will discuss specific phobias in more detail and reveal which treatment for phobias has proven to be […]

Debunking 5 Common Myths about Psychosis

There continues to be widespread misunderstanding about psychosis—why it occurs, what it looks like, and how it is managed. This article will discuss the truth and debunk five common myths about psychosis. Increasing our understanding of psychosis can lead to reduced stigma and increased compassion for those who experience it. What is Psychosis? Psychosis is […]

Why Mental Health First Aid Is Vital for the Workplace

Mental health issues affect one in every six people in the workplace. As a result, many businesses have implemented programs to assist employees by teaching them Mental Health First Aid (MHFA). With a rise in demand for MHFA training, it’s vital to understand what it is and how it can benefit the workplace. What is […]

The Difference between Bipolar Disorder and ADHD

Bipolar disorder and ADHD are the two brain conditions that can affect an individual of any age. ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is the most common childhood neurodevelopmental disorder. Both conditions affect many people, and some symptoms are even similar. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between the two conditions. Since bipolar disorder can […]

Does Social Media Play a Role in Body Dysmorphia?

“Comparison is the death of joy.” – Mark Twain Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is an obsession with one’s appearance and becoming overly focused on flaws (real or imagined), leading to significant emotional distress. Those who struggle with body dysmorphia often attempt to “fix” the problem with excessive exercise, dieting, or cosmetic procedures. Fixing or eliminating […]

Bipolar I vs. Bipolar II: Key Differences, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Emotional upheaval is part and parcel of life for many, and it’s pretty common. But what if the up and down feelings reach an extreme level? Those extreme ups and downs might be due to a mental health condition called bipolar disorder. In this disorder, a person experiences manic highs, other times sinking into depressive lows. […]

Differences between Asperger’s Syndrome and Typical Autism: A Closer Look at Autism Spectrum Disorder

Introduction Many people use the terms Asperger’s syndrome and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) interchangeably. Asperger’s syndrome was formerly thought to be distinct from ASD. However, an Asperger’s diagnosis is no longer listed in the DSM-V (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition). The symptoms and indications once associated with an Asperger’s diagnosis are […]

How Does Autism Affect Women’s Mental Health and What to Do About It?

Life can be difficult at times. But if we express and communicate our needs to the people around us, we can navigate our way. Expression and communication help us get through the challenges of life. Now think of somebody who cannot do something as simple as that. How tough can that be for a person? […]

How to Talk to Your Employer about Mental Health Struggles at Work

In modern society, conversations about mental health are becoming more frequent as the stigma around the subject continues to diminish. If you have felt your mental health suffer recently, you’re not alone, with one in five American adults experiencing a mental health illness every year. Whether you’re stressed about job security and workload or are […]