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Mental Health Education and Awareness

The Benefits of Online Schooling for Students with Autism

Virtual learning has become a reality for most students due to the pandemic. It’s been an adjustment for everyone involved, including students, teachers, and parents. Educators have had to find new ways to adapt their teaching methods, and students often find it more challenging to stay focused. Many kids also experience technical difficulties, which does […]

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Mental Health Education and Awareness

5 Steps for Dealing with Anxiety in Difficult Times

There are different forms of anxiety, with some being more complex and others lighter. For example, some may worry that they will not be successful, and others that they are too successful, such as the singer Adele. Once during a Rolling Stones interview, Adele admitted that she has stage fright and tries to avoid large […]

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Mental Health Education and Awareness

How to Stop an Anxiety Attack Before It Starts (5 Ways that Helped Me Cope With It)

There I was, breathing rapidly and heavily. I didn’t know what was happening. Then it hit me; I was having my first anxiety and panic attack. And it was terrible. I can tell you that. You might be in the same boat, especially today when we’re living in times of high stress and insecurity – […]

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Mental Health Education and Awareness

The History of Women’s Mental Health Awareness

After centuries of stigmatization, misdiagnosis, and mistreatment, mental health awareness has finally become a huge talking point in recent years. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people suffered from depression, anxiety, and similar conditions. Now, nearly one in five adults lives with a mental health disorder — and that doesn’t even include those living […]

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Mental Health Education and Awareness

Negative Stereotypes and Stigma in Mental Health

If you spend your life surrounded by people you can rely on, sharing thoughts and feelings probably comes naturally. In an atmosphere of mutual trust and care, staying mentally healthy often seems like a goal that’s not too difficult to accomplish. Unfortunately, not every environment is equally affirming. In some cases, people who feel anxious, […]

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Mental Health Education and Awareness

Top 5 Easy Ways to Support Someone with an Anxiety Disorder

People with anxiety disorders experience panic and a profound sense of fear over things that to you may seem irrational. Pointing that out is the one thing you should never do. Anxiety disorders are real, and managing them can be quite overwhelming. As a friend,  family member, spouse, or colleague, the best thing you can […]

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Mental Health Education and Awareness

Bringing Support Persons into the Eating Disorder Healing Process

Far too often, traditional family therapy is not prioritized after the age of 18, including when it comes to eating disorder recovery. I get it – involving support persons, like family, friends, roommates, or romantic partners, has the potential to bring uncomfortable roadblocks into the recovery process. However, at Renfrew, we know no matter what […]