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5 Easy Ways to Cope with Low Mood

sad woman

In these unprecedented times, many people across the nation have experienced some form of low mood. Whether triggered by an event such as stress at work, the death of a loved one, or illness, the feeling can be unbearable. Many describe a “low mood” as a feeling of hopelessness. Others describe it as a lack […]

Getting Help for Mental Health: Should I Take Medication or Go to Therapy?

hands holding medication

In my time as a therapist, I’ve worked with many people who struggle with symptoms of anxiety and depression, as they are the common cold and the flu of the mental health world. Generalized anxiety disorder and major depressive disorder have long been two of the most common mental health disorders, while several other anxiety […]

Tips for Coping with Seasonal Affective Disorder

Have you ever felt miserable because it seemed like winter would never end? Although it’s natural to get tired of the long, dark days, some people experience seasonal affective disorder or SAD. SAD, also referred to as seasonal depression, affects 10 million Americans each year, most of them women. If you experience depression at the […]

How Mental Health Awareness Is Changing in the Workplace

diverse businesspeople clapping

The days of hushed conversations surrounding mental health struggles are gone. People are more comfortable than ever discussing how they’re doing and what they need to find more inner balance. The change also affects professional spaces, which is great for both employees and management teams. Mental health awareness is changing in the workplace, making the […]

Social Isolation and Its Impact on Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

man on online meeting

The declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) sparked widespread fear around the world. Even though it’s been almost two years since the pandemic’s start, it’s still a reality in many parts of the country. Our daily lives have changed significantly due to the preventive measures to curb the further spread […]

Environmental Pollution and Its Effects on Mental Health

polluting port facility

Things were different a few decades back when you didn’t have to retreat to the countryside to find clean, breathable air. With global warming on the rise, the environmental side effects are wreaking havoc on physical and mental health. Mental health problems are also on the rise, and one unexpected culprit is the deteriorating air […]

4 Holistic Practices to Decrease Anxiety and Depression

“man looking out on mountain lake

Anxiety and depression are real. They continue to plague our society, arguably more so now than in past years. Life is already incredibly challenging. Slap a pandemic and economic turbulence on top of that, and out comes a surge of anxious emotions and depressing thoughts. Since most of these external events influencing our emotions are […]

How to Manage Mental Health When Traveling in 2022

masked passengers boarding flight.

You’ve been planning a vacation for a few months, but is now the right time to go? Taking a break could do you some good. A 2013 study found that traveling can enhance empathy, attention, energy, and focus, so you have more reason than ever to book a flight. But what if the mere thought […]

How to Tell Your Parents You Need Therapy

concerned mother and teen daughter.

Teen Mental Health According to the National Alliance of Mental Health, nearly 20% of teens live with a mental health condition, 11% suffer from mood disorders, and 8% have some kind of anxiety disorder. Teens today face a completely different set of challenges from what their parents faced. The age of social media and online […]

A Comprehensive Guide to ABA Therapy for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

child coloring with therapist

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurological disorder that can be complicated to diagnose and treat, especially without professional help. It affects about 1 in every 68 children, according to a recent report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is among the widely preferred treatments for autism. […]

How You Can Deal With Financial Stress-Induced Mental Health Issues

calculating bills

Financial stress is a serious problem in America. Data collected by the American Psychological Association (APA) found that 61% of Americans say they feel stressed about money, and nearly three-quarters of respondents said they experienced mental health issues such as feeling overwhelmed, headaches, fatigue, and changes in sleep habits. The good news is that the […]

An Urgent Response to the Teen Mental Health Crisis

sad teen with smartphone

Teens are suffering an increase in anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and suicidal ideation due to the isolation and loss of structure the pandemic created. Rates were high before the pandemic… now, they are higher. The statistics reported by many credible peer-reviewed studies from around the spectrum of the mental health community are staggering. Teens are […]

Receiving VA Disability Benefits for Depression and Anxiety

worried man in business suit

It is always an honor to serve one’s country. However, no one really gets out of the military completely unscathed. According to the RAND research organization, there are more than nine million veterans who are currently enrolled in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) health care system. There was a time when the only […]

What is Mental Health: An Introduction to Mental Health Disorders and Their Symptoms

man walking on beach

Mental health includes a person’s emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It impacts everything we do—how we think, feel, and behave. In addition, it plays a role in how we cope with stress, relate to other people, and make certain choices. As a result, mental health is essential at every stage in life, whether childhood, adolescence, […]

Academic Burnout and Apathy in College Students: How to Prevent It

happy young woman studying.

College is supposed to be a safe place where learning, growth, and fun interconnect to give young adults a once-in-a-lifetime experience. However, the quest for academic validation, success, and the natural human desire to learn new things can become a daunting experience—leaving students with nothing but stress and apathy. We call that academic burnout. According […]

6 Ways Pets Help Release Your Stress

woman high fiving dog

When people think about ways to relieve stress in their lives, things like meditation, yoga, and journaling often spring to mind. These are, without a doubt, excellent techniques. Getting a new best friend, on the other hand, might have several stress-relieving health advantages. While human friends give excellent social support and offer many benefits, this […]

Fight or Flight and the Human Limbic System: How to Manage Powerful Emotions

roaring lion

Emotions are incredibly powerful and can overwhelm you. This is especially true when you are younger. Neuroscience shows that the limbic system is at the core of this issue. When you’ve lost someone important in your life, you can’t stop the sadness from taking over. Or when someone hurts your feelings, you may have an […]

7 Secrets on How to Keep a New Year’s Resolution: Personal Goals and Ideas for the New Year

two young women share a secret

Every year we decorate our home for the holidays, sing seasonal tunes, and bundle up by the fire to exchange gifts with loved ones. Before we know it, the new year is upon us, making us think about our New Year’s resolution list. Most of us know how hard it can be to keep a […]

Tips to Help You Stay on Task and Avoid Distractions

man at work with multiple devices

Improve Your Work Productivity the Smart Way Here’s the truth: distractions are a part of life. Here’s the caveat: mismanaged distractions hurt your productivity at work. It takes an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back to work after you’re distracted. And distractions are everywhere, from mobile phone notifications, calls from friends […]

How to Identify and Understand Your Attachment Style for Healthier Relationships

couple holding hands in heart sign

Have you ever wondered what makes people handle relationships so differently? You might start a friendship or romantic relationship and look forward to every text from that new person. Others grow more distant as they get closer to people, and it all depends on that person’s attachment style. These styles can seem complicated at first, […]

Is Pulse PEMF Therapy Effective against Anxiety and Depression?

happy woman with red hat

Are you or your loved ones struggling with anxiety or depression? Have you tried conventional treatment methods that aren’t helping? It’s high time to consider pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy to relieve depression and anxiety symptoms. Before continuing with the effect of PEMF therapy on anxiety and depression, let’s see how the statistical reports on […]

7 Tips on How to Benefit from a Mental Health Support Group

support group hands-in.

Do you know that getting help from a mental health counselor is the first and most important step in overcoming anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, and other fear-related issues? In addition to seeing a counselor, another great way to get help and find people who can relate to your mental health situation is to join a […]

Mind and Body: The Benefits of Exercise for College Students’ Mental Health

two friends running on beach

As a college student, staying fit and getting in shape might not seem like much of a priority. Finding the time to exercise is often tricky when balancing the need to study and attend lectures, all while maintaining an active social life. But it turns out that exercise can have real benefits for your mental […]

13 Ways to Deal with Loneliness During the Holidays

Christmas kitten tangled in lights

The pandemic has made it harder than ever to connect with others and meet new people, triggering a sense of loneliness in many of us. Now the holidays are upon us, making some of us feel lonelier than ever. This is especially true for those struggling with mental health issues or separated from their loved […]

Why Mental Health Awareness Should Be Taught in Schools

children in diverse classroom

According to statistics, 20% of adolescents may experience a mental health problem. Additionally, 70% of children and teens get no help with their mental health problems at a sufficiently early age. Mental health issues are becoming more common in children and adolescents in the US. Thus children and adolescents should learn about mental health in […]

Mental Health in an Unequal World

young African American woman sitting beside bed

The theme observed for this year’s World Mental Health Day (October 10, 2021) was ‘Mental Health in an Unequal World.’ The subject is apt and relevant for these times of social protest against various forms of inequality: classism, sexism, racism, discrimination based on sexual orientation, religion, age, or disability. The list is long, and the […]

How to Improve Your Life with Mental Health Activism

three friends clapping

There is no doubt that mental health activism positively impacts those with diagnoses, but you may be surprised to learn that doing activism can improve your own physical and mental health. So why not do both—help others and yourself? When people think about activism, they often get stuck on stereotypes of protesting or calling elected […]

How to Maintain Mental Health during the Post-COVID Holiday Season

friends wrapping holiday gifts

Over eighteen months into the COVID-19 crisis, life looks a little different. After a year of lockdowns, video calls instead of physical meetings, and so much more, we could potentially end up with a mental health crisis to boot. This certainly isn’t helped by the shorter, darker days as we head into the winter months. […]

How to Reduce Your Stress and Anxiety from Distance Learning

Asian student with laptop

With the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic and the coming hyper-connected post-COVID world, distance learning is now more popular than ever before. Yet, it’s bringing with it a new wave of problems, including anxiety, stress, and other mental health issues. Since distance learning is a relatively new thing, these unforeseen problems are still being discovered, […]

How the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Affected People with Substance Use Disorders

sad woman in close-up.

Since early 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has created challenges in many people’s lives. But for people with a substance use disorder, the stress of the pandemic may pose unique risks. It’s not uncommon for people to use drugs or alcohol to cope with difficult situations or feelings. Even those without a history of substance abuse […]

Getting through the Holidays 2021: Difficult Choices and Triggers for People with Substance Use Disorders

snow on spruce tree

The Holidays can be stressful times.  Last year, we faced a raging pandemic that put many people’s holiday plans on hold.  Families were forced to make difficult choices and often forgo seeing their loved ones and friends during what is normally a time of joyous celebration and large gatherings.  Public health authorities advised people to […]

Environmental Factors You May Not Know Are Triggering You: The Link between Your Surroundings and Your Mental Health

woman meditating in living room

We don’t often notice the link between our environment and mental health. However, science has shown that they’re more connected than we realize. Research published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health reveals that green space, noise pollution, housing conditions, and even the weather can be triggers for mental health disorders. On the flip […]

Making Connections when You Have Anxiety or Depression: Three Tips on Building a Strong Social Network

female friends take a break from art

If you’re using this site, you likely believe that family support is essential for managing a mental illness. And you would be right, for all the reasons cited in this article. And yet, most children and young adults crave some connection with peers and may suffer from loneliness if they do not have a social […]

How to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence in a World of Social Distancing?

young women elbow bump

Emotional intelligence is a concept introduced in the 90s by two psychologists, John Mayer and Peter Salovey. The two defined it as a form of social intelligence that involves monitoring one’s own and others’ emotions and using this information to guide one’s thoughts and behaviors. These are not separate skills. You need to identify and […]

How OCD Affects People in Adult Life

woman in front of window blinds

Mental health is a challenge for many people. Over 26% of US adults a year are diagnosed with a mental health disorder, and of those, 2.2 million are affected by obsessive-compulsive disorder. Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a mental health disorder that causes people to have unwanted thoughts and compulsions. Obsessions are typically intrusive thoughts or […]

7 Benefits of Gratitude and How Being Grateful Can Make You Happier

grateful blessed sign

Thanksgiving is a time of year to show gratitude for all your blessings in life. Sometimes we get so caught up in the hustle and bustle that we forget to take a moment to reflect and give thanks for everything we’ve been given. Being grateful can provide many benefits to overall well-being, which can help […]

The Benefits and Methods of CBT-I for Better Sleep

woman in bed with alarm clock.

Studies show that as much as 60% of the world’s population suffers from some form of insomnia. Insomnia can present itself in many ways, from trouble falling asleep to waking frequently. Symptoms that last for more than three months qualify as chronic insomnia, whereas short bouts of sleep disturbances are referred to as acute insomnia. […]

Baby Blues or Postpartum Depression? What No One Tells You about Your Mental Health after Giving Birth

new mother with newborn

Pregnancy is a beautiful process, but it comes with its hardships and problems. Many people think that giving birth puts an end to the struggles, and it all becomes sunshine and roses afterward. However, it is followed by the postpartum period, which sometimes can be even more difficult than pregnancy itself. According to World Health […]

Easy Morning Activities to Ease Anxiety

man looking a the sunrise

The past two years of COVID-19, working from home, not seeing family and friends, avoiding restaurants, and not doing much of anything have led to anxiety in many of us. Some people develop anxiety when they are young and others when they get older. No matter the cause, anxiety can be unbearable, seriously affecting our […]

How Family Mental Health Affects Child Development

mother and small child

Parenthood is not easy, and parents can often find themselves feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Children pick up on the emotional distress their caregivers may be experiencing, and like a sponge, they absorb these emotions. This can cause developmental issues if left unaddressed. Loving relationships with caring, responsible adults are essential to a child’s upbringing and […]

5 Thought Exercises for Managing Mental Health Symptoms

young woman thinking

The COVID-19 pandemic has spurred a mental health crisis alongside it. As early as June of 2020, the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) collected data indicating that many people were experiencing mental health challenges due to the pandemic. In that study, 31% of respondents reported symptoms of anxiety or depression, and 11% […]

Gaslighting: 5 Noticeable Signs of Emotional Abuse

Have you ever found yourself trying your hardest to make things work but feel like you may be going crazy? Being in a relationship where you always have to watch what you say and still get ridiculed can’t be pleasant. Chances are there is nothing wrong with you but the immediate company you keep. Gaslighting […]

Managing Your Mental Health after Leaving the Military

african american man with black cap

As you transition from the military into civilian life, you’ll likely encounter several challenging adjustments, all of which are normal for veterans. Learn how best to manage your mental health after leaving the military by following these tips. 1.  Be Aware of Mental Health Concerns According to a study conducted by JAMA Psychiatry in 2014, […]

5 Best Anxiety Apps to Improve Mental Health

woman in café with smartphone.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, one in five US adults experiences mental health symptoms, with disorders varying in severity. From an economic standpoint, the demand for mental health services is dramatically outgrowing the supply. In a survey by the American Psychological Association, a third of psychologists said they are seeing more patients […]

11 Potentially Life-Saving Suicide Prevention Resources

woman in orange on floor

Suicidal ideation is a term that describes a range of complications, wishes, and preoccupations with death and suicide. In some cases, these thoughts lead to planning and attempts on one’s own life. In 2019 alone, there were around 12 million Americans who seriously thought about attempting suicide. This figure only accounts for reported thoughts, so […]

9 Ways to Turn Anxiety to Your Advantage!

woman in suit playing guitar

Benefits of Anxiety If you ask a roomful of anxious people whether they believe their anxiety could be working toward their advantage, I will bet that 95% of them would say ABSOLUTELY NOT! That feeling of being uncomfortable in your skin, that last breath you can’t take, or that racing heart that’s about to pop […]

Understanding Transgender Identities During Eating Disorder Treatment

In recent years, there has been recognition and a growing movement to address inequities in eating disorder (ED) treatment for people in the transgender community. Treatment providers are noticing a higher occurrence of all eating disorders and related issues such as body dysmorphic disorder in trans people compared to the general population. According to one […]

Deep Thoughts on the Origin, History, and Experience of Anxiety

shoes hangin off cliff over ocean

“Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom.” Those words are from the Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard’s treatise The Concept of Anxiety. His definition of anxiety makes intuitive sense. Anxiety is a mental condition you feel in your body. It can seize your gut with a nausea-inducing dizziness. Freedom comes with choice, and choice – specifically, the […]

Depersonalization / Derealization Disorder: DO’s and DON’Ts

looking backward through glasses

Here’s a clear guide letting you know what you should do, and more importantly, shouldn’t do when going through DP/DR. There’s no doubt that depersonalization/derealization disorder (DP/DR) is one of the scariest, most daunting, and frustrating mental health issues a person can experience. DP/DR is a strange mental health issue. People with this disorder feel […]

OCD and Sex Addiction: How It Affected My Life and Dating and Ways I Overcome It

close up of hands

Content Advisory: This guest blog post contains frank language about sex. This is not something I’ve admitted publicly or even to more than a handful of close friends. I have had OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) since I can remember. It started as constant handwashing (whenever I touched someone) and obsessively checking that my door was locked. […]

Self-Check for Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

young woman in profile

2020 was, in a word, unprecedented. We entered the year as we did with any other – full of hope and New Year’s resolutions. Once the news began to break about the coronavirus, many Americans dismissed it as being “no worse than the flu” and focused on their plans for the year. Thousands of weddings, […]

Quiet Your Distressing Thoughts: 7 Mind Games to Distract You When Your Anxiety Is too Much

magnetic poetry word tiles

We all experience anxiety. That feeling of creeping fear is an integral part of being human. For millennia, it’s alerted us to danger and ultimately kept us alive in the face of predators and other threats. In the 21st century, city-dwellers are seldom faced with hungry wild animals. Yet, people seem to be experiencing greater […]

Exam Stress: How to Recognize and Deal With It

student at desk writing on paper

Stress is a state of the nervous system at times when something unusual happens to a person. It can be positive (eustress) and negative (distress). Nothing needs to be done about eustress because it usually has positive effects on a person’s mental state. Distress is associated with negative emotions and harms health. How do I […]

What They Don’t Tell You About OCD

woman at seashore

There’s a lot that’s unknown about mental health disorders. They are widely misunderstood. They carry stigmas, are joked about, and lack proper research. You may ask yourself: Why is that? Many people struggle with their mental health. Research shows that  20.6% of U.S. adults deal with mental illness. This translates to one in five adults […]

Do a Self-Check for Mental Health Conditions

woman in blue dress

Today, more and more people are developing an awareness of how important mental health is, especially with the uncertainty of the future due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people are becoming concerned about their susceptibility to various mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, and insomnia, among a list of several other disorders. Olympian Simone […]

Addressing Your Own Mental Health Hygiene While Employed in the Mental Health Workforce

happy person in café

Any occupation can be draining. Throw in some untreated mental health issues and pressure to keep struggling forward, and you have yourself a load that feels impossible to bear. Taking care of your own mental health while helping others take care of theirs feels like one of those burdens. As a mental health worker, I […]

How Writing Can Boost Emotional Intelligence and Improve Mental Health

young black man writing in journal

According to experts, one in every six people experiences a mental health problem at least once a week. It can be one of your friends, colleagues, or even you. For many people, discussing their mental health is taboo. However, it is frequently a debilitating daily struggle with a series of failures and battles with an […]

Raising Our Teens with ADHD: Take a Deep Breath

jumping teens

I had a major win last week. My young adult child planned to get up early for her summer job.  Watching her make choices the night before gave me that familiar sinking feeling in my gut.  Should I say something while she stays up chatting with friends well into the night?  Should I step back […]

How Do Virtual Medical Consultations Work?

virtual consultation with doctor

Virtual medical consultations are consultations with a doctor or other medical professional that provide an alternative to in-person services for all aspects of the healthcare industry. A virtual medical consultation enables healthcare providers to provide services through video conferencing. Patients speak to their doctors using their devices of choice, such as a smartphone, tablet, or […]

Boosting Your Mood through Exercise

woman doing sit-ups

At some point in your life, you might have heard the phrase, “A sound body has a sound mind.” Well, it’s not just some sort of ancient wisdom; it’s proven science.  You already know exercising is great for your body. When you exercise, your body feels energetic and relaxed. If you exercise regularly, you become […]

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS): A Safe Alternative Treatment for Depression

yellow water lily

Globally, depression is the leading cause of disability, and in the United States, it impacts the lives of over 17 million people. It is one of the most common mental illnesses and can be significantly debilitating, yet current treatment options for depression are limited in variety, and most lack consistent or predictable results. Two-thirds of […]

5 Ways to Manage Stress and Boost Your Mental Health at Work

stressed woman at laptop

30-Second Summary Stress and poor mental health in the workplace can hamper your career. Not only are mental health disorders detrimental to an employee’s well-being, but they also affect the employer in the form of monetary losses. Poor memory due to stress can also lead to unsatisfactory performance at work, which can impact your earnings […]

Stress Signs and Symptoms: How Stress Affects Your Body

stressed woman rubs head

Stress is often talked about casually amongst friends and colleagues. We might joke about needing a glass of wine after a stressful day, or if we forget something, we might put it down to being worn out from work. The conversation often ends there, but in reality, stress isn’t something we should just accept as […]

Getting Help for Your PTSD: You Are Not Alone

black firefighter with gear.

Though PTSD is often mentioned in the same breath as the military, trauma can and does happen to anyone and comes in a nearly infinite variety of forms. Untreated post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can lead to many issues, some less severe like morning anxiety and others much worse, such as suicidal thoughts. No matter the […]

4 Signs of Social Anxiety in Teens that Every Parent Should Know

shy Asian youth with glasses.

Social anxiety disorder (SAD) refers to feelings of fear and anxiety that prevent individuals from experiencing everyday social interactions to the fullest. Social anxiety can occur during many stages of a person’s life, but prevalence rates are highest between the ages of 13 and 18. Social anxiety can be difficult to identify for many parents […]

Living with ADHD? Explore the Top 10 Apps for Hyperactive Brains

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common neurodevelopmental disorders affecting both children and adults. According to a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 6.1 million children in the United States have been diagnosed with ADHD and ADD. However, many adults also experience this mental health disorder, […]

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