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Parenting and Family Mental Health

Bipolar Disorder in Teens: A Guide for Parents

Parenting has always been a challenge, but times have changed, and although we have more technological tools than we could ever have dreamed of, it seems as though raising teens has become even harder. In recent years, the number of teens diagnosed with bipolar disorder has increased dramatically. Previously, it was rare for young people […]

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Parenting and Family Mental Health

Supporting Loved Ones with Mental Illness: Care For The Caregiver

When someone suffers from a serious mental health disorder, family caregivers are also affected. It’s difficult to witness a loved one struggling with mental illness. Family caregivers go through a range of powerful, often unpleasant emotions. The stressful experience of looking after someone with extreme mental health problems may trigger emotional and behavioral distress in […]

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Parenting and Family Mental Health

Unshielding Your Anxious Child: Why Having Anxious Children Face Their Fears Is Best

Anxiety disorders, according to large studies, are by far the most prevalent psychiatric disorder in children in the United States. Parenting an anxious child, particularly if you are also an anxious parent, can be incredibly heart-wrenching. As a parent, you instinctually want to protect your children from harm and hardship. You baby-proof your home, purchase […]

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Parenting and Family Mental Health

Signs of Anxiety in Young Kids

Everyone experiences anxiety – it’s a natural response to certain stressors. Anxiety disorders, on the other hand, are characterized by frequent, intense, excessive anxiety. It’s important to note that it’s not uncommon to see signs of anxiety in children regardless of whether or not they have an anxiety disorder. Because children (especially young children) don’t […]

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COVID-19 and Mental Health, Parenting and Family Mental Health

How Your Teen with OCD Can Use a Calendar to Survive the Coronavirus Shutdown

Given that teens with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and anxiety disorders crave control, repetitive daily routines, and certainty, COVID-19 and the disruptions caused by stay-at-home orders and school closings present some serious challenges.  As a person with OCD myself, I can say I have had to adapt and put into place strategies that are specific to […]

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Parenting and Family Mental Health

5 Tips to Maintain Your Mental Health as a New Mom

As you move through each trimester of your pregnancy, you and your doctor will focus on many aspects of your physical health. You’ll monitor your blood pressure, heart rate, and weight to make sure you’re progressing without any medical problems. You’ll also keep an eye on any chronic conditions, such as diabetes or heart issues […]

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Parenting and Family Mental Health

Parenting with a Mental Illness – My Lessons Learned

I have a major mental illness and I’m a parent. These two things do not have to be incompatible with each other. According to the stigmatizing stereotypes, I should be destitute and unable to maintain relationships. In reality, I’m married and have a daughter, 11, and son, 10. I have a great relationship with all […]

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Parenting and Family Mental Health

How to Help Your Resistant Child (Teen to Young Adult) Accept Substance Abuse/Psychiatric Help

Part One (of a two part series) – Inside the Illness When someone has a serious psychiatric illness, one of the most difficult aspects of the condition is that most sufferers cannot see the true extent of their symptoms. Some cannot see that they have symptoms at all, and instead project blame for their distress […]

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Parenting and Family Mental Health

4 Reasons Why It’s a Good Idea to Speak Openly About Your Mental Illness with Your Kids

One of the fears we have as parents is that by exposing our children to the reality of our brokenness (our fears, our shortcomings, and yes, even our mental illness), we’ll be unnecessarily burdening them. Nothing could be further from the truth. The following are four reasons why I’ve refused to let mental illness be […]