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Mental Health Stigma in America

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While states continue to cut back on mental health services, many people living with mental illness are reluctant to use remaining services for fear of being stigmatized. Read more in this well-researched feature article in USA Today…

     Cost of not caring: Stigma set in stone

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4 thoughts on “Mental Health Stigma in America

  1. Don Rossi says:

    I saw this article, too, and thought it was really informative about the plight of mental health today.

  2. Jay Boll, Editor in Chief says:

    Hi Don.  Thanks for being the first visitor to comment on my blog!

    I'm always interested in hearing from our readers.


  3. Laurie Lubowitz says:

    As a former Social Worker who worked with individuals with chronic mental illness in the eighties and nineties, it seems that little or no progress has been made in raising awareness for those with mental illness, nor in educating the general public and combatting the stereotypes involved with MI or the stigma associated with the illness.  A diagnosis of Cancer, diabetes, heart disease,etc. evokes compassion, concern, assistance, etc.  A diagnosis of schizophrenia, BiPolar Disorder, etc. and society runs for the hills…

    We, as a Society, need to be educated as to the disease(s) just like any other illness.  Ignorance allows the stigma to continue. When I can register for a 5K Run to raise funds for Schizophrenia or Depression as easily as I can for the American Cancer Society or the American Heart Association, I'll know we are making progress!

  4. Jay Boll, Editor in Chief says:

    Great points, Laurie.  

    Raising awareness starts with articles like the recent one in Time.  

    Disorders like schizophrenia and depression are too often associated in the public's mind with apathy, self-neglect and physical decline.  It would be great to counter that stereotype with a healthy, high-energy event like a 5K run.  I will be on the look-out for any such events in the region.


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