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RtoR Mental Health Awareness Month: Connecting Families – Watch the New Video!

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Last night, about 175 Laurel House supporters gathered at  the Woodway Country Club in Darien, CT to watch the 141st running of the Kentucky Derby, bid on items to benefit the Stamford-based non-profit, and honor this year’s “Champion for Recovery” Dr. Alan Barry, Commissioner of Social Services for the Town of Greenwich.  They also watched the new “Connecting Families” video, which provides a brief but powerful glimpse into the hopes and concerns of families affected by mental illness.

With a run time of less than five minutes, the video explores the family impact of mental illness.   It opens with the words and experiences of six parents who were devastated by the appearance of mental illness in a much loved son or daughter.  One mother describes the experience as “that feeling that we were all floating in the middle of a sea with no help at all.”  Eventually, they found their way to Laurel House, a community-based organization of mental health services and support in Stamford, CT.  There, parents and offspring alike found encouragement and support to face the challenges of serious mental illness together as a family.


Laurel House’s mission is to provide resources and opportunities for people living with mental illness to lead fulfilling and productive lives in the communities where they live, work and go to school.  It is also the sponsor of this website, www.RtoR.org.

The second half of the video focuses on www.RtoR.org and how it helps families throughout the region with information and referrals to “family-endorsed” mental health providers, so they do not have to feel that they are lost at sea without a ship in sight.  The website is there for families and their loved ones who do not have a Laurel House to attend or need a different type of assistance.

Please take five minutes to watch this emotionally powerful video, “Connecting Families” (also available on the home pages of www.LaurelHouse.net and www.rtor.org).  Not only is it a great introduction to the RtoR concept and the functions of the website.  You will feel these families’ stories as you watch – the aloneness they experienced at the onset of illness and the relief that followed once they found support and a hope for the future.


Throughout the month of May, RtoR.org will release a daily Post
of the Day in observance of Mental Health Awareness Month.

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Jay Boll, Editor in Chief www.rtor.org

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