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The Impact of Combat Exposure on Veterans’ Mental Health and Strategies for Coping

Strategies for Coping When combat veterans end their service and come home, they often leave one battle behind to begin another. For many veterans, the mental health battle is one they face alone. Some will experience difficult emotions such as anxiety, guilt, anger, and feelings of worthlessness. These painful emotions can develop into mental health […]

How Can We Develop a Proper Work-Life Balance for Healthcare Workers?

exhausted health care worker

Healthcare never sleeps. Hospitals are open round the clock because people need treatment every hour of every day. It’s necessary, but for the people who work in healthcare, it can also be debilitating. Holidays, weekends, and dinner with the family are never guaranteed. In a work environment that never stops, is it even possible to […]

Preventing Burnout and Fatigue in the Challenging World of Social Work: Self-Care for Helping Professionals

social worker and client

Social workers play a critical role in today’s world. A social worker’s role is to help people cope with issues in their lives. Clinical social workers diagnose and treat mental, behavioral, and emotional problems. Though they are primarily motivated to help others, social workers must prioritize their own health and well-being to be effective. Many […]

The Many Mental Health Stresses Faced by Law Enforcement Professionals

Black NYC police officer

Today’s law enforcement professionals confront a wide variety of challenges every day on the job. One of the most significant challenges they face is mental health stressors. These are strains or burdens on the emotions and cognitive processes that can lead to mental health problems if not treated adequately. Holding down a job with such […]

Veterans: How to Reintegrate Yourself after Deployment

No matter how mentally strong you are, deployment can be a stressful experience that takes its toll on you. It’s no surprise that many service members struggle to return from deployment. If you’re a veteran who has recently returned from operational deployment, you might find these tips helpful in readjusting to life as a civilian. […]

Coping with Symptoms of PTSD Before, During, and After an Attack

Many people may have heard of PTSD, but few understand it. There is a lot of information about it, but this is sorely lacking from the human standpoint. We often associate PTSD with flashbacks or aggression. However, many people are unaware of the complex emotions and feelings of shame and inadequacy that torment those who […]

Compassion Fatigue from the COVID-19 Pandemic: Understanding the Current Mental Health Needs of Nurses and Other Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals, particularly nurses, have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Working longer hours, risking infection, and dealing with the anxiety and stress that the past few years have brought, nurses are beginning to question whether their job is worth the anguish. Duquesne’s School of Nursing’s Dr. Mai-Ly Nguyen Steers believes “the pandemic has […]

Managing Your Mental Health after Leaving the Military

african american man with black cap

As you transition from the military into civilian life, you’ll likely encounter several challenging adjustments, all of which are normal for veterans. Learn how best to manage your mental health after leaving the military by following these tips. 1.  Be Aware of Mental Health Concerns According to a study conducted by JAMA Psychiatry in 2014, […]

Addressing Your Own Mental Health Hygiene While Employed in the Mental Health Workforce

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Any occupation can be draining. Throw in some untreated mental health issues and pressure to keep struggling forward, and you have yourself a load that feels impossible to bear. Taking care of your own mental health while helping others take care of theirs feels like one of those burdens. As a mental health worker, I […]

Getting Help for Your PTSD: You Are Not Alone

black firefighter with gear.

Though PTSD is often mentioned in the same breath as the military, trauma can and does happen to anyone and comes in a nearly infinite variety of forms. Untreated post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can lead to many issues, some less severe like morning anxiety and others much worse, such as suicidal thoughts. No matter the […]

How to Support Veterans with PTSD on Memorial Day

man with beard and baseball cap

For many civilians, Memorial Day weekend means relaxation and barbecues, family and friends, and maybe a bit of travel. However, because it is a day dedicated to our fallen men and women in uniform, Memorial Day can be challenging for some veterans living with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The condition can conjure painful memories, images, […]

Why We Should Be Educating Ourselves about PTSD in 2021

male firefighter gearing up.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is by no means a new mental health condition. However, the heightened public awareness of anxiety and depression in recent years has many people re-evaluating their relationship with mental health and looking to improve their interactions and make life more manageable for others. Educating ourselves about PTSD is important not just […]

Finding Myself after Trauma and Alcoholism

I woke up nauseous, with a splitting headache again for the third morning in a row. I couldn’t blame it on being sick or anything else because only my bad decision-making was responsible for the state I was in. You see, I was a functioning alcoholic. I was in a high-stress military job where the […]

Black People Can Get PTSD, Too

stressed woman in military fatigues

Say the acronym “PTSD,” and an image will probably emerge in your head. Most likely of a veteran. Most likely of someone who’s White. And though trauma studies began with White soldiers in WWI’s aftermath, trauma is not racially exclusive. Or is it? PTSD: A Historical Overview Though historical accounts of nightmares following ancient battles […]

Embracing My Inner Artist as a Bipolar Person: How Creativity Saved My Life

artist at work

My life with bipolar disorder II has included six periods of success and six periods of failure. The worst began in 1980 when I was 42 years old. I had purchased a small guest ranch in Wyoming with the woman I loved.  The ranch, which faced the Continental Divide at 8,000 feet, was to be […]

7 Ways to Support Veteran Mental Health this Veterans Day

soldier and spouse embrace

Veterans Day is a day set aside to remember and honor military veterans who have served and are serving our country. It is a celebration of gratitude for servicemen and women who willingly sacrifice and serve America near and far. Veterans are heroes who share similar military lifestyles. They’ve been trained to serve and protect. […]

How to Deal With Depression and Anxiety as a Recent Veteran

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Depression and anxiety were once silent torments that people dealt with in isolation. But society has evolved to a stage where we’re encouraged to tackle these problems openly in the way that works best for us.

Anyone can suffer from these mental health issues, with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs reporting that 11% of military personnel do at some point in their lives. This means that you or a veteran you know may have to deal with depression or anxiety.

8 Ways for Veterans to Improve Their Mental Health

female veteran of color

Sadly, it is all too common for war veterans to develop mental health problems after serving in the military. An estimated 20% of U.S. servicemen and women deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) each year. This is just one mental health issue that can surface as a result of serving at […]

EMDR Therapy for Trauma Recovery

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If the coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it is how very precious, and how very fragile, our health is. But all the physical strength, stamina, and well-being in the world mean nothing if you don’t also have peace in your mind and tranquility in your spirit. Unfortunately, for far too many people, that kind […]

Those Who Serve: A Salute to Our Mental Health Care Heroes

thank you frontline heroes sign.

May is Mental Health Health Awareness Month, a time to reflect on the impact of mental health disorders on individuals and their families every day of the year. For people living with mental illness, the coronavirus pandemic is one more challenge among many they face each day. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that having […]

5 Ways to Support Veterans Suffering from PTSD

Support Veterans with PTSD

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) impacts military veterans all over the country. The Vietnam War alone caused nearly 500,000 cases of PTSD. More recently, the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan have caused 12.5% of vets serving in the war to develop symptoms of PTSD. This mental health condition is common among military members. Unfortunately, it’s also […]

Therapy for Therapists: My Struggle as a Mental Health Professional with a Mental Illness

Therapy for Therapists: My Struggle as a Mental Health Professional with a Mental Illness

When I got into the mental health field and became a therapist, I knew that it would be hard. I have bipolar disorder II and PTSD, and I was aware that working with people with similar diagnoses might be difficult for me to handle. I wasn’t prepared for working in a psychiatric hospital. In the […]

How I Survived My Mental Health Crisis

male vet and dog

Surviving a mental health crisis isn’t about hospitals and medications that dull your mind and senses. It’s about building a network of people around you to support you and talk with, and to know you well enough to see you’re heading down a bad path, with a lonely road ahead. If you’re lucky, they will […]

Going Up in Flames: Wildland Firefighters and Mental Health

Wildland Firefighters mental health

We met on Tinder. His profile said he was a wildland firefighter, and one of his photos was of him covered in soot and ash with brilliant flames engulfing a forest behind him. I was completely infatuated without ever having met him. It turns out that he was as charming as he was brave, and […]

‘Toughen Up, It’s Part of the Job’ – Coping with the Emotional Trauma of Emergency Service and Healthcare Work

Stressed medical professional struggling with mental health

This week we present a guest blog post from a British physician, Dr. Benjamin Janaway, who writes about medicine and politics for the international press.  Normally, our focus at www.rtor.org is on those who look to under-resourced and overstretched healthcare systems for help with mental health and emotional struggles, including trauma.  Dr. Janaway’s guest post […]

“Recalling War”, PTSD and Memory: A Reflection for Memorial Day


Robert Graves in his poem “Recalling War” reflects on the experience of war in human memory.  The poem was written twenty years after the end of World War I, in which Graves served as an officer in the Royal Welch Fusiliers.  In the opening lines, he could be describing a typical Memorial Day as most […]