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5 Free Ways to Use Your Phone to Improve Your Mental Health

woman holding smartphone

I love my phone. Arguably, I’m very much addicted to my phone – and I know that I’m not alone in this. I used to spend hours on Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Facebook. I would be flooded with posts that made me insecure about my appearance, relationships, and accomplishments. Social media made me question my whole […]

Better Approaches for Helping Teens Manage Their Anxiety

mother and upset daughter

We’ve known for a long time that teens often have anxiety and worry as they transition from childhood into young adulthood.  And as we’re now aware that the human brain takes much longer to become fully mature, generally by the early to mid-20s, it’s good to remind ourselves that we’re dealing with people who are […]

How to Adjust to a New Environment as a Person with Anxiety

diverse workplace

Anxiety comes in all shapes and sizes. As with other mental states such as depression, individuals who occasionally have anxious feelings do not necessarily have to be clinically diagnosed and medicated. If the anxious feelings occur daily for an extended period, medical help is worth considering. However, if your anxiety stems from a new environment […]

The Pressure of Disappointed Expectations as a Young Adult: Why Pleasing Your Parents Is Not The Most Important Thing

young backpacker at base of mountain

As children grow up, they look to their parents for just about everything. Parents care for and nurture their kids, providing them with education, food, and a place to live and instilling morals and values that have passed through the family. Once children reach a certain age, they begin making choices on their own. Whereas […]

Moving On: The Effect of Stagnation on Your Mental Health and Wellbeing

bored person looking at cellphone

Growth is evidence of life. There are times in life when we thrive and shine. We have so much energy to reach our goals and even surpass our expectations.  Then there are times we don’t feel up to the task – times when it seems that every aspect of life has come to a standstill, […]

6 Self-Care Tips to Manage Your Physical and Emotional Health

black man meditating

Exploring the Connection between Physical and Emotional Wellbeing by Using DBT Skills Self-care is a popular buzzphrase these days. But what does it really mean, and how do we do it? Oxford Reference defines self-care as “the practice of activities that are necessary to sustain life and health, normally initiated and carried out by the […]

6 Natural Ways to Boost Your Creativity

hands on pottery wheel

If you’ve ever said the words “I’m not a creative person,” this article is for you. Creativity is not something you either have or don’t have. It’s a muscle you build. We’re all highly creative as children. However, the pressures of adult life can wear away at our natural creativity. The good news is that […]

How Your Emotions Influence Your Health and Wellbeing

painted smile rock

In today’s fast-paced world, many of us are exposed to stress. That’s why full emotional intelligence is essential if we want to be emotionally healthy. Emotions, experiences, and general wellbeing have a huge impact on a person’s health. Good health is important because it allows us to live a full life. What is emotional intelligence? […]

How Mindfulness Helps in Fighting Depression

stacked rocks on beach

Stress, pressure, and other uncontrolled outside factors may cause or contribute to depression. There are different reasons why people may fall into this condition. But the good news is that you can always do something to lessen the risk of being depressed. There are several practices, including mindfulness, that can help people get through their […]

How Spirituality Can Reduce Stress and Prolong Life

sunrise meditation

Everyone wishes to live free from stress and tensions. However, life isn’t a smooth road, and we experience our share of difficulties and problems. We often think of tangible activities to reduce stress such as exercising, walking, eating a healthy diet, meeting with friends, even cleaning up the clutter in your life. But, there is […]

3 Tips for Managing Depression from a Peer Support Specialist

woman runner with thumb up

I have worked for the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services for almost 20 years as a mental health assistant and peer support specialist.  I was diagnosed with a mental health condition (bipolar disorder) at age 29.  Since then, I have been managing it with the help of psychiatrists and therapists and have […]

6 Ways Developing Your EQ (Emotional Intelligence) Can Increase Your General Well-Being

smiling black woman with glasses

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) refers to the ability to perceive, evaluate, and manage the emotions of oneself and others. Because it involves identifying, understanding, and analyzing feelings and interactions on a day-to-day basis, EQ has become an important part of life that influences behavioral changes and decision-making. With that said, EQ has become a foundation in […]

The Benefits of Journaling for Mental Health

hand writing in planner

Journaling can improve mental health. The chaos and sunkenness that come with mental health disorders are nearly impossible to interpret and understand on the fly. Unfortunately, when struggling with mental health, we can’t effectively “figure everything out” simply by ruminating for a day or two. Negative thoughts, emotional pain, fears, issues, triggers, and potential solutions […]

How the Use of Routines Helped Me Build a Life Worth Living

happy person using laptop on cushioned bench

Living with a chronic mental illness poses challenges in building a routine and implementing healthy lifestyle changes. There comes a time in recovery when there is a need for a tangible tool to help facilitate change—something to bridge a person from acquired skills and knowledge to the creation of a healthy lifestyle and stable routine. […]

Benefits of Mindfulness for Young Men

happy man in red shirt

If you have not experienced the benefits of meditation, it’s time to rethink your mindfulness practice. While you might enjoy hiking, weight lifting, and running to reduce stress and improve your health, mindfulness is another way you can strengthen your mind and even improve your motivation. Mindfulness is not just sitting in a dark room […]

Why You Should Be Journaling on Your Lunch Break (and Why Bullet Journals Are the Way to Go)

laptop and bullet journal

Spending just 15-20 minutes each day writing down your thoughts in a journal can dramatically improve your mental and physical health. Coincidentally, this is a chunk of time that can easily be slotted into your lunch break at work or school. There are many benefits to keeping a journal. Sometimes, though, it can seem daunting […]

How Spirituality Benefits Mental Health

hand reaching for the sky

For ages, the terms religion and spirituality have often been used interchangeably. Both have to do with trying to understand the meaning of life. Spirituality and religion also offer a sense of comfort and peace to people who are in distress. Both can also make an impact on a person’s mental health. Despite all the […]

Fun Ways to Stimulate Your Brain for Better Mental Health

Staying mentally fit keeps you sharp and alert. It improves day-to-day life and helps prevent the natural aging process from taking too much of a toll on your brain. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health and stimulating your brain is just as vital to your wellbeing as physical exercise. You […]

Book Review: The Mindful Self-Compassion Workbook

black woman reading

The Mindful Self-Compassion Workbook Authors: Kristin Neff, PhD, Christopher Germer, PhD Have you ever wanted the tools to comfort yourself with compassion and kindness? Do you resist experiencing emotions? Do you find yourself getting stuck in patterns of worry? If so, this book is for you. I picked this book up one desperate day in […]

4 Daily Activities that Help Improve Your Mental Health

healthy morning routine

I glanced down at the speedometer and realized that I was driving at 80 mph – way faster than usual. After slowing to a more reasonable speed, the engine still revving absurdly, I felt my heart thumping fast. I tried calming myself, but I just couldn’t. A phone call from my boss demanding me to […]

5 Ways You Can Prioritize Your Mental Health in 2021

open sign

2020 was a challenging year not only for Americans but for almost everyone. People’s mental and emotional wellbeing took significant hits throughout the year. 2020 featured several full-blown moments which drained many people’s mental state, from a series of natural disasters to the global pandemic and multiple political and social issues. Not to mention that […]

The Role of a Good Night’s Sleep in Improving Your Memory

woman waking up in morning

After a test at school or a big presentation at work, did you notice that you usually do better if you got a great night’s sleep before the big day? Sure, life isn’t perfect, and you may need to pull an all-nighter from time to time, but once you’ve experienced being fully-rested before tackling an […]

What Is Yoga’s Place in Eating Disorder Recovery?

woman doing yoga

Yoga has long been recognized for its healing effects for a variety of health issues, but can it be applied in the recovery from eating disorders? In recent decades, the popularity of yoga has grown to such an extent that it is a hugely recognizable part of our cultural wallpaper, from classes at the gym […]

7 Self-Care Rituals for Students You Should Know About

students at a desk

When a student laments about being tired or overwhelmed, people often brush it off as normal student life. Even though students are usually young and healthy people, this doesn’t mean they can always bear the world’s weight on their shoulders. Going through college or university is no easy feat, and if you add family and […]

Yoga in the Time of the Coronavirus Pandemic

woman doing home yoga

2020 brought changes to all of us. For me, it was the year when my baby boy was born just as the pandemic took control over the world; I had him just before the lockdown started. Coping with the anxiety of being a new mother and the extra stress Covid-19 brought to our life wasn’t […]

Modifying Your Environment for Improved Mental Health

woman and dog in cozy room

The past year, with the COVID-19 pandemic, massive wildfires, brutal heatwaves, and even the recent presidential election, it’s likely your mental health has taken quite a hit. Unfortunately, extended periods of stress, coupled with other mental health concerns such as anxiety or depression, can do serious damage to your overall health and impact your quality […]

How to Reduce Screen Time During the Winter Months

holiday smartphone

Today, the pallid glow of a computer screen has replaced the flickering fire of bygone hunter-gatherer societies. Still, it represents the same reflexive refuge during the cold, dark months of winter. Just as our distant ancestors huddled around a fire to stay warm and ward off predators, we find ourselves retreating to our soft couches […]

Introversion: Facts and Myths

cozy socks and coffee

Introversion. It doesn’t mean books, cute glasses, winter, hot chocolate, shyness, cats. Well, maybe a few cats. When people meet me for the first time, their assumptions about me usually go like, “You are antisocial.” “You are so shy; I don’t think you’ll be up for this job.” “How can you be alone this much?” […]

Could Meditation One Day be Prescribed by Doctors?

meditation class

Imagine walking into your doctor’s office and leaving with a prescription to attend an art class, debt management program, gardening project, or meditation session. With growing concern within the medical profession (and beyond) that health services currently fail to address the holistic picture of social, economic, and wellbeing factors that contribute to a person’s health, […]

Finding Gratitude During the Season of Giving — and Every Day

giving hands

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means this is the season of giving. When the holiday season arrives, people tend to be more generous, giving their closest friends and family gifts. With so much to be received in this time, gratitude may come easily. What about the rest of the year, though? Finding gratitude […]

How to Manage Your Mental Well-Being in the Middle of the Holiday Madness

holiday face mask

Can you hide in a cave until January 2? If the holidays mean nothing but stress, you might feel tempted. However, most people don’t have the luxury of skipping office parties and family gatherings. Others battle feelings of isolation and despair. How can you manage your mental well-being amid the holiday madness? Here are eight […]

Combat Rumination through Mindfulness and Expressive Writing

mindful woman on beach

Rumination Do you ever find yourself replaying a situation over and over in your head? Questioning what went wrong and the consequences? This is rumination. Rumination usually occurs when there is an inconsistency between the goals you want to reach and what you have actually achieved. It will continue until you come closer to your […]

Coping With Adult ADHD the Natural Way, With or Without Medication

bridge in nature

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) affects adults as well as children. Moreover, 60-80% of youngsters affected by ADHD will have the condition in adulthood.

Adults with ADHD exhibit many of the same symptoms as children.

How to Find Friends if You Are an Anxious Introvert

head to head friends

Friendships and social life are important. They help us deal with stress, keep us in shape, and provide us with useful acquaintances, among other benefits. However, finding friends can be challenging, especially for anxious introverts. Introverts enjoy their own company and don’t need a huge social life to feel content. They often stay indoors, opting […]

How Meditation Helped My Treatment-Resistant Depression

young woman meditating at Grand Canyon

“Depression is treatable.” That’s what the brochures and websites always say. “Help is available,” they say. And it is, for most people. But for some people, treatment isn’t so simple. How long does depression typically last? According to Harvard Health, depression can last any duration, but the average for untreated depression is “several months”—suggesting people […]

Top Mindfulness Apps to Help You Keep Calm During the Coronavirus Crisis and Beyond

man doing rooftop meditation

Our lifestyle is already stressful. On the inside, we may strive for relaxation and calmness to stay clear of anxiety. Many of us are eternally sleep-deprived and victims of chronic anxiety. While we try to pass this off as the inevitable collateral damage of a modern lifestyle, these stressors end up taking a toll on […]

4 Actionable Ways To Build Mental Resilience In Your Life

black woman exercising

Mental resilience is a crucial but undervalued skill. With the world as it is today, with the coronavirus crisis still ongoing and a future full of uncertainty ahead of us, a strong mind is essential for helping us keep our heads above water. But how do you nurture such a quality? How can we strengthen […]

Overcoming Panic Attacks with Relaxation Techniques

woman doing yoga

I glanced down at the speedometer and realized that I was doing 80 mph, much faster than usual. After slowing down to a more reasonable speed, the engine of my beat-up station wagon was still revving strangely. Something wasn’t right. I pulled my foot off the brake and, as an experiment, removed it from the […]

4 Steps to Getting Back into the Flow When You Feel Stuck

chain link fence on water

What does it mean to feel stuck? Feeling stuck is like having an aching sense that you need to do something, anything to propel you out of your current state – but you can’t. It’s like you’re frozen. Nothing feels available or good enough. When your mind presents something, you convince yourself it’s not the […]

The Benefits of Gardening for Your Mental Health

woman gardening

While gardening isn’t for everyone, its positive impact on physical and emotional wellbeing are something we could all use more of today. Gardening is beneficial for both physical and mental health. Your garden is a space where you can clear your mind and reduce stress as you become one with nature. Gardening encourages positive mental […]

Battling Internet Addiction for Better Mental Health

live streaming

Being addicted to the internet is very common in the era when all you need is available online. Be it searching for information for your college assignments, planning your vacations and trips, looking for clothes or accessories, entertaining yourself, binge-watching series, or staying connected with your families and friend, everything is available on the internet […]

Four Ways Your Period Can Impact Your Mental Health

expressive woman’s face

Women often endure crude jokes about it being “that time of the month” when they are not in their best mood. The truth is that more than 75% of women have experienced the effects of menstruation on physical and mental health in their lifetime. This is a time of the month when many women experience […]

Reparenting Ourselves During Troubled Times: Learning to Live with Our Inner Critic

worried woman

According to the National Science Foundation, we have about 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts a day, and 80% of them are negative. I used to be a quiet person who never asked many questions because of my painful past experiences, which included body shaming and bullying. I clamped myself up into an uninteresting bespectacled woman with […]

Sleeping when Everything Haunts You – Learning to Cope with Disturbing Thoughts when You Just Want to Rest

night sky lightning

“I can’t stop them from coming; it’s like I’ve lost the will to even try!” I said, pushing through my embarrassment. I took a deep breath and waited some time before speaking again. “Sometimes they start with a nightmare, where I’m chasing an ex who is running away from me, or I’m talking to a […]

Why a Lack of Exercise Is Making You Stressed

stressed out office worker

What is stress? The best-known stress hormone is adrenaline. That’s the hormone that movies mention when a hero is “filled with adrenaline” and suddenly has superhuman power. But what is adrenaline? Adrenaline is a hormone that is released when you are in a dangerous situation. For instance, when you encounter a predator like a tiger […]

It’s Only Heavy If You’re Carrying It – Moving on From Your Past

leaping man at sunset

Throughout my life, I’ve discovered that I am not a person who forgets things easily. Well, actually, that’s not entirely true; I forget things like where I put my keys or my phone at the end of the day, but I can clearly remember the name of a girl who pulled my hair in the […]

How Practicing Gratitude Helps You Deal with Anxiety

grateful woman in field of flowers

Gratitude is something that each one of us must practice on a daily basis, anxiety, or no anxiety. It makes us aware of all the good things in our lives that we usually take for granted. If you’re suffering from anxiety, you’re not alone. According to research, it affects almost 18.1% of the US population […]

Does Mindfulness Help ADHD?

young woman mindful meditation

ADHD, which is usually characterized by a display of inattention and hyperactivity-impulsivity, has an incidence of 4 percent in the adult population. Both children and adults with ADHD experience two common and persistent daily challenges in their lives – maintaining self-regulation and paying attention. This highlights the fact that any attention training that helps to […]

Anger Management: How to Control It and Express It the Right Way

angry argument

Just like any other emotion, anger coveys a message. There are different ways in which we express our anger: in the way we speak, the way we take action, and in the way we behave in general. While it’s a natural response to certain situations, it may get out of hand, and sometimes it becomes […]

7 Trustworthy Tips on How to Stay Physically and Mentally Healthy Right Now

friends running on beach

Humanity is going through a unique period in its history. Stress, worries, anxiety, and fear of the unknown are upsetting us all. Sure, some are more affected than others. That’s why we have to be mindful of the most vulnerable. Society must relinquish selfishness, especially in times where the fate of one impacts on many. […]

Finding Your Flow: How Mindfulness Can Lower Your Anxiety

guitar player

Does your mind wander as aimlessly as mine? When you were preparing your dinner last night, were you really thinking about chopping those onions? Where were you mentally? If you’re like me, you were mulling over the ever-growing, ever-overflowing to-do list you keep track of in your head. Often I’m daydreaming about my fantasy vacation. […]

3 Free Mobile Apps to Help You Learn Mindfulness Meditation

young woman with smartphone

Where’s your cell phone currently located? If we are similar, it is probably right next to you, if not in your hand. Our cell phones can be addictive, mostly due to the abundance of applications that make our lives easier. Mobile apps can serve the purpose of helping us interact with friends and family from […]

How Spiritual Wellness Can Help Fight the Onset of Depression

woman praying

Almost everyone experiences depression or sadness at some time in life. Depression is a pervasive affective state that is experienced by individuals as they undergo challenges, loss, frustrations, and changes in everyday life. Most people, at some point, experience a loss of a loved one, encounter difficulties, or are placed in a position to care […]

5 Ways to Free Your Mind from Intrusive Thoughts

swimming polar bear

You’re headed to bed early – excited to finally get a full night’s rest. But as soon as your head hits the pillow, your brain is consumed with an unwanted, disturbing thought. You continue to dwell on that thought, tossing and turning all night long. Have you ever experienced a similar scenario where an unwelcome […]

Sound Body, Sound Mind

yoga pose

Just how closely is your mental health connected to your physical health? Your mental health and physical health might be more connected than you think.  Envision your mental health and your physical health as two sides of a shiny new coin.  On the mental health side is your emotional, psychological, and social well-being.  Flip it […]

The 5 Best Mood-Tracking Apps

young woman on smartphone

New technologies have been a complete blessing for millions of people worldwide, especially for those who suffer from mood swings or depression, because now they have access to some therapeutic apps that help them track their moods faster and more easily. Those who live with depression, mood swings, or even anxiety know how scary and […]

Finding Your True Self during the Coronavirus Lockdown

self-care tablet

The coronavirus COVID-19 has had an unquestionable impact on our lives and the lives of people across the globe. One of the biggest challenges faced by humans as a collective has been going into lockdown. For the time being, our movements, our ability to see friends and loved ones, and even where we work, is […]

How to Stay Connected During Social Distancing from Coronavirus

woman on video chat

As we continue practicing self-isolation and maintaining safe social distances, it’s essential to figure out how to stay connected to each other. Even though we can’t see our loved ones physically, we can use multiple other methods to maintain meaningful relationships. It’s necessary for our mental health, too. From video chat software to traditional handwritten […]

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