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Distinguishing Emotions from Feelings: A Look at Two Essential Parts of the Human Experience

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Emotions and feelings are fundamental aspects of what makes us human. The terms are often used together in everyday conversation. However, psychologists note essential differences between these two phenomena. Understanding this distinction can provide critical insight into the workings of the human mind and pathways for personal growth. Emotions: Involuntary Reactions to Significant Events According […]

The Logic Behind Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and its Widespread Use

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Roughly 2000 years ago, the emperor of the Roman Empire sat in his tent to clear his head. He had plenty of reasons to decompress. Ugly border disputes threatened his legacy. Untrustworthy warlords schemed behind his back and unrelenting family issues from the premature passing of his wife and a difficult relationship with his only […]

Top Mindfulness Apps to Help You Keep Calm During the Coronavirus Crisis and Beyond

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Our lifestyle is already stressful. On the inside, we may strive for relaxation and calmness to stay clear of anxiety. Many of us are eternally sleep-deprived and victims of chronic anxiety. While we try to pass this off as the inevitable collateral damage of a modern lifestyle, these stressors end up taking a toll on […]

3 Free Mobile Apps to Help You Learn Mindfulness Meditation

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Where’s your cell phone currently located? If we are similar, it is probably right next to you, if not in your hand. Our cell phones can be addictive, mostly due to the abundance of applications that make our lives easier. Mobile apps can serve the purpose of helping us interact with friends and family from […]

Overcoming Any Fear: Using Exposure and Response Prevention Techniques to Cope with Anxiety

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health condition in the United States, affecting 40 million individuals age 18 and older (18.1% of adult Americans) every year. When two brothers from the United Kingdom offered to share an animated video focusing on this common but potentially disabling group of […]

My Mental Health Story: A Family Legacy of Mental Illness

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“Mood likely and able to change between high and low without warning” – this was written on the keychain charm my mother carried around when I was in my teens. I didn’t understand what bipolar disorder was. I didn’t notice her symptoms, because I simply didn’t know the difference. I’ve always been around mental illness […]

KidsPeace Psychiatric Children’s Hospital

Psychiatric Children’s Hospital
Orefield, PA

KidsPeace Psychiatric Hospital is an acute care 120-bed facility providing a fully integrated continuum of 24-hour intensive psychiatric care in a safe, secure facility. KidsPeace treats children, teenagers and young adults ages eighteen to twenty and a half, who present a danger to self or others and cannot be safely maintained in the community.

“The Mask You Live In”: Masculinity and Mental Health

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The screen opens on an animated scene of a kid in a basement with his father looming over him. A booming voice yells, “be a man.” The animation fades to real life and shows NFL coach and former player, Joe Ehrmann, narrating the story of how his father taught him to “be a man.” Like […]

Does Disney Princess Elsa Have Borderline Personality Disorder? Part II: Let It Go


  Anybody see this adorable home video last year? Apparently this little guy really loves the song “Let It Go” from the Disney animated feature Frozen. “Let It Go” won the Academy Award for Best Original Song and quickly became one of the best loved Disney songs of all time. Columnist Yvonne Abraham called it […]

Family Friendly Feel Good Holiday Movies


  The holidays are all about reconnecting with your loved ones and enjoying time together. To add to your holiday cheer, here are RtoR staff picks for our favorite family-friendly movies to watch over the holidays. These films can be either TV specials or feature-length movies that don’t necessarily need to reference Christmas or the Winter Holidays […]

Does Princess Elsa Have Borderline Personality Disorder? Disney’s “Frozen” as a Story of Emotional Dysregulation

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          Has anyone else been wondering what’s up with the extreme winter weather we’ve been experiencing in the northeast lately?  I’m seriously wondering if Disney ice princess Elsa isn’t up to her tricks again… The following article is the first in a three-part series on the movie Frozen as an illustration […]