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Family Wellness Holiday Shopping Guide


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Another Holiday Season is fast approaching and many of us are struggling to come up with gifts to give our family members. This year, give the gift of family wellness to those you love the most. Here is our list of the top presents, for adults and kids alike, that will promote a sense of wellness in your family. Don’t worry, there is no need to fight the masses on Black Friday to get these goods, everything on our list can be found online!


Kinetic Sand 

Kinetic sand is simple and silly fun that both kids and adults can enjoy. This strange substance has the look and feel of sand but has the perk of sticking together so your carpet doesn’t become riddled with pesky grains of sand. Playing with kinteic sand can help kids with developmental or mental health disorders self-sooth in situations that they might find overwhelming.

Yoga Mat & Yoga DVD

Yoga is a popular yet therapeutic practice that promotes both mental and physical well-being. The good thing about Yoga is it is safe and easy for almost all ages and ability levels (of course, check with a doctor first to be sure). Yoga practice teaches breath awareness and mindfulness, a skill both kids and adults can always stand to improve. Plus yoga is known to reduce stress so family fights could start to become less and less frequent.

Family subscription to Lumosity or BrainHQ








Your brain needs exercise much like your body does. Brain training programs such as Lumosity or Brain HQ don’t just teach you boring memory games; they actually target how the brain works with exercises that are scientifically designed to get your brain working better and thinking sharper.


 Healthy Cookbook

Instilling healthy eating habits in children is shown to help them continuing eating healthy into their adult life. This helps reduce the chances of several health problems such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease as well as reduce the impact stress has on the body. Also family dinners where everyone has a role in prepping or cooking can promote a more positive family relationship.



Everyone knows fruits and vegetables are healthy but few people like munching their way through five to eight servings a day. Juicers eliminate the pulp and fibrous tissue of produce, allowing all the rich juice filled with vitamins and other nutrients to be extracted. This way you can gulp down some healthy veggies on the go! Better yet, with the help of a few crafty recipes you can sneak vegetables into fruit juice so your picky eaters can get their servings of vegetables they need while being none the wiser.


Blokus or other board games

This family strategy game helps sharpen reasoning and problem-solving in a similar way to chess. But unlike chess, Blokus allows up to 4 players and has simpler rules, giving it a more family-friendly feel. Also, the game SET has a similar family-friendly appeal which helps children develop visual perception.


Fidget Toys


Much like Kinetic Sand or the classic stress ball, having something to tinker with can ease anxious feelings from a variety of mental health issues such as stress and anxiety.


Gym or Fitness Class Membership








It’s no mystery that physical activity can do wonders for your mental and physical health. Light to moderate exercise daily is known to help reduce the negative effects of mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. Complex physical activities such as dancing, martial arts or team sports can also help with balance, coordination and memory.


Therapeutic Coloring Book

Meditation is all on the rage these days but many people complain that the activity can be too boring for them. Well, with complex coloring books made with adults in mind, you can find a way to be relaxed, mindful and creative.


Wind Chime

Wind chimes may seem like they have nothing to do with wellness when actually they help to create a soothing atmosphere. The different vibrations of various chimes make can help ease stress and anxiety.


Massage Gift Certificate







Often thought to be a luxury, massage can acutally provide essential therapeutic benefits to both the body and mind. We tend to hold stress and tension in our muscles but a skilled massage therapist can help release that tension from the body.


Health Snack Box Subscription








Healthy snacking isn’t always a simple task. Sometimes the appeal of a bag of chips or chocolate bar are just too easy and too tempting to resist. That is why many companies, like Graze, Naturebox or Bestowed, have come up with a way to help you snack smarter. A monthly subscription will deliver several types of healthy and munch-worthy snacks straight to your door. For a break down of the different types of snack box subscriptions, go here.


Calmbox Subscription








Simpler to a snack box subscription, the folks at calmbox will deliver mindfulness and relaxation straight to your home. Each month, a different set of wellness items will help you relax and ease the stress and anxiety in your life.


A Puppy! Or Other Family Pet







Pets owners, on average, live happier and healthier lives than those who don’t have a pet. For one, caring for an animal is known to help improve depression or anxiety symptoms. Plus, pets can also help children develop a sense of compassion and responsibility. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a puppy?

Happy Wellness Shopping!

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