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Navigating the Benefits of Ketamine Treatment for Depression

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Depression is a common mental health condition that affects approximately 280 million people around the world. The biggest challenge when it comes to combating depression is that traditional treatments are not always effective. However, there is a new treatment option that offers hope for those living with depression called ketamine treatment. But what is ketamine, […]

How I Beat Depression with ACT: A Therapist’s Story

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There was a time when getting out of bed felt like lifting a mountain. My mind was a dark room with no doors or windows. That’s how deep my depression was. But here I am, feeling alive and kicking, making over half a million dollars a year. Sounds like a dream, right? But the journey […]

Online Help for Depression: A Guide to Treatment and Support

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Did you know that approximately 280 million people worldwide struggle with depression, according to the World Health Organization? Depression is more than just feeling sad sometimes. It’s a mood disorder that can stem from various causes, such as genetic vulnerabilities, faulty mood regulation by the brain, or stressful life events. Depression, also known as a […]

The Role of Social Support in Perinatal Depression: Help for Pregnant Moms

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What is Perinatal Depression? Perinatal depression is a type of depression that can occur anytime during pregnancy and up to one year after delivery. Typical symptoms of depression are a change in mood, loss of interest in daily activities, feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness, and, in some cases, suicidal thoughts. Risk factors that contribute to […]

Common Myths and Misconceptions about Depression

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Depression is one of the most common mental health disorders, though much about it is misunderstood. There are many myths and misconceptions that contribute to the stigma of depression and make it harder for people to open up about it. This article will examine some common myths and misconceptions about depression and set the record […]

Person-Centered Counseling for Depression: Tailoring Support to Each Individual

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Undeniably, depression affects many people, each with a unique set of challenges and battles. A personalized approach to treatment is essential for addressing the complexities of this mental health condition. Leading the way in personalized treatment is person-centered counseling—an empathetic form of therapy that empowers people and resonates with the unique experience of each individual. […]

10 Misconceptions About Depression

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At least 280 million people globally are affected by depression. Yet, it is among the most misunderstood, stigmatized, and misperceived conditions. Unfortunately, the misunderstandings and misconceptions surrounding depression can prevent people from getting the help they need. Take a look at the most common misconceptions about depression below. 1. “Depressed people simply need to be […]

Post-Divorce Depression: Causes, Risks, and Treatment

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When a marriage falls apart, it can significantly impact a person’s life. One common health hazard that often accompanies divorce is depression. Feeling sad or down for a brief time after divorce is a normal reaction to the breakup of a marriage. However, an increasing number of divorced people stay in a depressive state for […]

Unseen Heroes: The Vital Roles of Loved Ones in Depression Support

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Today, we’re diving into a topic close to many hearts: the roles of loved ones in depression support. It’s a journey filled with empathy, understanding, and a whole lot of love. Understanding Depression: It’s More than Just Sadness Depression is like a stubborn fog that refuses to lift, making the world dull and lifeless. It’s […]

Maternal Depression in Second Pregnancies: The Untold Story

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Pregnancy is one of the most life-changing events a woman can experience. A number of physiological and psychological changes occur as the body prepares to nurture and grow new life. However, people often hype the first-time pregnancy experience, while the second and subsequent ones are seen as less important. The second pregnancy is treated more […]

10,000 Friends, One Lonely Soul: The Impact of Social Media on Stress, Depression, and Anxiety

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Social media has helped us connect and communicate with thousands of people around the world. However, as our connections grow in number, an emptiness within our hearts emerges. Many people around the globe are experiencing a feeling of loneliness, depression, and stress despite having thousands of friends online. A recent study found that reducing social […]

Which Depression Treatment Is Best for You?

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All over the world, depression, a complicated mental health problem, affects millions of individuals. Depression can have a significant adverse impact on daily life, interpersonal relations, and general well-being. Fortunately, there are various ways to manage it, ranging from therapy and medication to lifestyle changes and alternative therapies. In this blog, we will explore different […]

Postpartum Depression: Causes, Risks, and Treatment

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Becoming a parent is one of life’s most exciting moments. But this event can also trigger fear, anxiety, or even depression. New moms who experience postpartum depression need to receive the right treatment to manage their symptoms and bond with their babies. Below, we’ll discuss the common causes of postpartum depression, its risks, and common […]

The Biological Reasons Why Alcohol Increases Depression

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Most of us know how great alcohol can make us feel—and how terrible. However, the adverse effects of drinking can extend well beyond a Sunday-morning hangover. For some people, regular alcohol use can also contribute to depression, anxiety, or a generally low mood. These effects won’t necessarily be severe for a casual social drinker, but […]

How to Endure a Job Loss without Depression: 7 Practical Tips for Coping

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Job loss can be one of the most challenging experiences to endure. It doesn’t matter whether it’s due to a company downsizing, economic downturn, or personal reasons. Losing your job can leave you feeling lost and vulnerable. However, it’s normal to feel a range of emotions during this time, including anxiety, fear, anger, and sadness. […]

How Depression Affects Your Energy Levels

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Depression is a serious mental health disorder that affects masses of people around the world. While it is typically associated with feelings of sadness, apathy, and low motivation, it can also negatively impact energy levels. Understanding how depression affects liveliness and vigor can give you a fuller understanding of this condition and its impact on […]

The Warning Signs of Depression and Anxiety in College Students

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College can be a stressful and overwhelming time. Students with depression or an anxiety disorder may struggle to function and pass their classes. Students dealing with these issues for the first time may not even recognize they have a problem. Without help, they may have serious trouble coping in this new environment. Knowing the  warning […]

The Importance of Screening for Anxiety and Depression

In September of 2022, the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) released draft recommendations stating that all adults under age 65 should be screened for anxiety and depressive conditions. The Task Force, an independent voluntary panel of national experts in disease prevention and evidence-based medicine, cites that Americans are reporting symptoms of mental health […]

How to Help Kids Dealing with Depression and Suicidal Thoughts

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Depression is difficult for anyone, but perhaps even more so for children who lack the ability to seek solutions for themselves. As a parent, it is your difficult but crucial responsibility to help see them through. Everybody’s experience with depression is unique to them. There are many factors that can cause clinical depression in kids […]

What is Ketamine: How It Works and Why It Can Treat Severe Depression?

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Ketamine is both a valuable anesthetic and a potentially harmful street drug when misused, but did you know that ketamine is a proven treatment for depression, too? A Schedule III drug, ketamine, can cause you to feel detached or dissociated from the world around you. Depending on the dose and manner in which you take […]

Depression versus Sadness: How to Recognize and Cope with Each

As human beings, we all feel sad at times. Sadness is a natural emotion that everyone experiences. It occurs at different levels, and people often confuse extreme sadness with depression. Here is a detailed guide to help you know the difference between sadness and depression, so you can treat your depression or cope with sadness […]

Life with High-Functioning Depression: Feeling Seen When Others See Nothing Wrong

For the entirety of my life, I have tried to do right in everything and by everyone. For the first time this past year, I questioned my capacity to do that and, in turn, questioned everything that I thought I knew about myself. Since adolescence, I have prided myself upon my successes, resiliency, willingness to […]

Tips for Working with Bipolar Depression

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Bipolar depression can be a hard thing to deal with. Bipolar depression occurs after a manic or hypomanic phase of bipolar disorder. It doesn’t always happen after a manic phase. Manic phases can happen on their own, as can bipolar depression. The purpose of this article is to offer tips on how to manage bipolar […]

4 Holistic Practices to Decrease Anxiety and Depression

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Anxiety and depression are real. They continue to plague our society, arguably more so now than in past years. Life is already incredibly challenging. Slap a pandemic and economic turbulence on top of that, and out comes a surge of anxious emotions and depressing thoughts. Since most of these external events influencing our emotions are […]

Receiving VA Disability Benefits for Depression and Anxiety

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It is always an honor to serve one’s country. However, no one really gets out of the military completely unscathed. According to the RAND research organization, there are more than nine million veterans who are currently enrolled in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) health care system. There was a time when the only […]

Is Pulse PEMF Therapy Effective against Anxiety and Depression?

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Are you or your loved ones struggling with anxiety or depression? Have you tried conventional treatment methods that aren’t helping? It’s high time to consider pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy to relieve depression and anxiety symptoms. Before continuing with the effect of PEMF therapy on anxiety and depression, let’s see how the statistical reports on […]

Making Connections when You Have Anxiety or Depression: Three Tips on Building a Strong Social Network

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If you’re using this site, you likely believe that family support is essential for managing a mental illness. And you would be right, for all the reasons cited in this article. And yet, most children and young adults crave some connection with peers and may suffer from loneliness if they do not have a social […]

Baby Blues or Postpartum Depression? What No One Tells You about Your Mental Health after Giving Birth

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Pregnancy is a beautiful process, but it comes with its hardships and problems. Many people think that giving birth puts an end to the struggles, and it all becomes sunshine and roses afterward. However, it is followed by the postpartum period, which sometimes can be even more difficult than pregnancy itself. According to World Health […]

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS): A Safe Alternative Treatment for Depression

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Globally, depression is the leading cause of disability, and in the United States, it impacts the lives of over 17 million people. It is one of the most common mental illnesses and can be significantly debilitating, yet current treatment options for depression are limited in variety, and most lack consistent or predictable results. Two-thirds of […]

Night Owls May Have a Higher Risk of Depression: Why It Pays to Wake Up Early

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Do you wake up naturally in the morning, or do you need several alarms before you manage to crack open your eyes and drag yourself back into a conscious being? Well, according to the latest research, night owls may be at a mood disadvantage. Waking up naturally means your body is in tune with your […]

Meditation Can Worsen Your Depression and Anxiety: How to Avoid That

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Meditation is a well-known practice that people value for self-improvement.  Millions, if not billions, of people practice it often so that they can find peace, happiness, and improved overall well-being in this chaotic world. However, research has found that it can also worsen the same health issues it is known to help with, like anxiety […]

The Loop of Depression Will End – You Just Have to Trust

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Being depressed, then getting out of it, then falling into it again—does that sound familiar? If you are a depression survivor, most likely you know how it feels. It may feel like you are walking on a never-ending path or a journey that keeps dragging you to the same point over and over again. But […]

Ways to Help Seniors with Anxiety and Depression

So many seniors feel as though their lives will end soon. They have either achieved everything they wanted to or received word that their health is in poor shape. It’s not easy for seniors who have lived long and happy lives to suddenly, out of nowhere, feel trapped in their bodies as they grow older. […]

Ways to Manage Depression and Anxiety and Other Mental Health Problems

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30-Second Summary There are 6 healthy choices you can make to change your life. They are the following: Working out:Releases hormones for cell growth and supplies more oxygen to the brain. Watch your food:Replace unhealthy snacks with a balanced diet of vitamins, proteins, minerals, and plenty of water. Stressbuster: Talk about your thoughts and emotions […]

Diabetes and Depression after the COVID-19 Pandemic

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When a doctor tells you that you have a disease with no cure, it changes your world. Even if the disease is one that you have heard of and that is controllable, the fact that this will be part of your life forever is shocking. Diabetes Diabetes is a chronic illness. The human body uses […]

How Mindfulness Helps in Fighting Depression

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Stress, pressure, and other uncontrolled outside factors may cause or contribute to depression. There are different reasons why people may fall into this condition. But the good news is that you can always do something to lessen the risk of being depressed. There are several practices, including mindfulness, that can help people get through their […]

3 Tips for Managing Depression from a Peer Support Specialist

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I have worked for the Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services for almost 20 years as a mental health assistant and peer support specialist.  I was diagnosed with a mental health condition (bipolar disorder) at age 29.  Since then, I have been managing it with the help of psychiatrists and therapists and have […]

Early Signs and Symptoms of Depression in Women

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According to studies, women are more vulnerable to depression than men, especially young women ages 14-25. However, this number decreases as women grow older. Moreso than men, women experience different types of depression, which we will discuss later. Knowing the early signs and symptoms of depression will give you a chance to help women in […]

Clinical Depression: Symptoms and Latest Treatments Available

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What is Clinical Depression? When you hear people use the term clinical depression, they are referring to what is formally known as major depressive disorder (MDD). Depression is a mood disorder that can hamper your daily life. At its worst, it can lead to suicide, which is the second leading cause of death in teens […]

The Most Common Causes of Depression in Older Adults

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It is alarming to see when older loved ones lose interest in activities that they usually enjoy. They may dread waking up in the morning because they find it challenging to get through an entire day. Time seems to crawl at a snail’s pace, making them feel anxious and sad. Unfortunately, depression is prevalent in […]

How Long Does it Take to Overcome Depression?

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Depression is a serious mental health condition that is characterized by feelings of sadness and hopelessness. If you’re going through depression, you might wonder how long it will last. While there is no average for how long it can take to overcome depression, it’s not uncommon for feelings of hopelessness to last several months. In […]

How to Deal With Depression and Anxiety as a Recent Veteran

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Depression and anxiety were once silent torments that people dealt with in isolation. But society has evolved to a stage where we’re encouraged to tackle these problems openly in the way that works best for us.

Anyone can suffer from these mental health issues, with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs reporting that 11% of military personnel do at some point in their lives. This means that you or a veteran you know may have to deal with depression or anxiety.

How Meditation Helped My Treatment-Resistant Depression

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“Depression is treatable.” That’s what the brochures and websites always say. “Help is available,” they say. And it is, for most people. But for some people, treatment isn’t so simple. How long does depression typically last? According to Harvard Health, depression can last any duration, but the average for untreated depression is “several months”—suggesting people […]

National Depression and Mental Health Screening Month

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Mental health issues have long been misunderstood. Thirty years ago, even doctors might have told a depressed person to “snap” out of it. We’ve come a long way since then. Today we understand the disorder much better. Depression seldom resolves itself. It is hardly ever possible for people to “snap” out of it without support. […]

The Link Between Insomnia and Depression

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Nothing is more frustrating than tossing and turning all night when you should be sleeping. Lying there, anticipating the alarm going off at 6:00 am as the hours tick by, can cause deep distress. You cringe when considering the coming day, knowing that you will be functioning on fumes. Insomnia is one of the most […]

The Battle Between Two Depressions: When Both Parents Struggle with Mental Health

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Here are three things I know for sure: Dealing with Postpartum Depression (PPD) is hard. Watching your partner struggle with clinical depression is hard. Doing both at the same time feels unbearable. Dealing with PPD is Hard I gave birth to my first child on January 16th, 2020. I’m not quite sure I can accurately […]

I Have Anxiety and Depression. This Is How the Pandemic Has Affected Me.

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The World Health Organization recognizes that mental health disorders are the leading cause of illness and disability worldwide. That’s 450 million people suffering from a mental health disorder today. That’s a lot of people!  With the Covid-19 pandemic at its peak, the number of diagnosed mental health disorders worldwide is rising daily, as observed by […]

How I Healed: My Traumatic Brain Injury and Journey Back from Depression

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In 2015, I fell off of a cliff. I faced a long recovery from orthopedic and internal injuries, but thankfully, I made it out alive. From gaining strength and mobility to walk again to learning to live with a traumatic brain injury, each step of my healing journey presented a new set of challenges. What […]

Helpful Tips To Start Your Journey To Recovery From Depression

Coping with depression is a difficult task for many. It drains you of your energy and hope, leaving you feeling numb, and even the tasks that you once enjoyed doing seem meaningless. At GNC Dubai (German Neuroscience Center), a leading neurology hospital in Dubai, we make sure to provide depression support groups to help those […]

How Spiritual Wellness Can Help Fight the Onset of Depression

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Almost everyone experiences depression or sadness at some time in life. Depression is a pervasive affective state that is experienced by individuals as they undergo challenges, loss, frustrations, and changes in everyday life. Most people, at some point, experience a loss of a loved one, encounter difficulties, or are placed in a position to care […]

Depression and Its Effect on Your Life

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Clinical depression is also called a major depressive mood disorder. It is a serious and common medical condition, which negatively affects the way you feel, act, and think. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 8.1 percent of Americans aged 20 and over experienced depression in a given two-week period. Different people experience […]

How to Get Motivated to Exercise When You Have Depression

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When the going gets tough, simple procedures like getting dressed in the morning or taking a shower can represent a real burden, let alone going for a morning jog. When you have depression or when you feel stressed and agitated due to the daily grind and workload, it can feel utterly impossible to get your […]

Why the Link between Depression and Substance Abuse Is More Complicated Than It Appears

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So, which came first, depression or substance abuse? The question is akin to the chicken/egg conundrum that has befuddled generations, yet the relationship between substance abuse and depression is much more complex than meets the eye. Of course, those who live with co-occurring disorders understand this complexity all too well. “Co-occurring disorders,” also called dual […]

What It’s Like to Get Ketamine Infusions for Depression

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When I couldn’t keep my medication history straight anymore, I found myself heading toward a low point in my depression. I had moved home after graduating from college and, hoping to make my mental health a priority, began the process of finding new providers. I soon discovered that I could not remember the timeline of […]

“Leaky Gut Syndrome” May Cause Depression

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Our intestines play an important role. They not only digest food but also extract nutrients from it. Bowels are a protective barrier between internal organs and the outside world but they have one weak spot. The intestinal mucosa consists of a thin layer of epithelial cells that are interconnected by special proteins. These proteins don’t […]

The Relationship Between Seasonal Affective Disorder and Depression

Seasonal Affective Disorder

The end of daylight savings time means the days get shorter and it gets dark earlier. This can make anyone feel a little depressed, but for some people, those feelings take on a different level and lead to seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and depression. Many people may just disregard their feelings, but doing so can […]

Mental Health Awareness is a Family Affair: A Brief Guide to Being Aware and Empathetic When a Loved One Has Depression

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As per a recent report published by Mental Health First Aid, mental health issues affect about 47 per cent of the adult population, 13 percent of children and 46 percent of teenagers each year. But unfortunately, only half of the affected people receive appropriate treatment, often due to the stigma attached to it. Researchers are […]

How Mindfulness Meditation Can Help People With Depression

Mindfulness Meditation

Depression is one of the most prevalent health issues in the modern world. There have been people comparing the mental health crisis to a tsunami sweeping across the world. The depression causing so many people pain can be caused by many different outside factors. The stress of trying to succeed in a competitive business world, […]

Simple Family Activities for a Child with Brain Injury: Ways to Prevent Depression and Anxiety

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When people get brain injuries, it is a delicate situation. It could lead to severe conditions such as memory loss. Brain trauma is especially heartbreaking when it happens to children. Thankfully, with modern medicine and medical procedures, kids can recover from injuries to the brain and lead a relatively normal life. Although it takes time, […]

Depression Rates Among Teenagers Are Increasing Rapidly, Why Is This Happening?

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Depression Misconceptions Depression is a brain dysfunction that affects mood and emotions. It is a mood disorder characterized by strong and persistent negative emotions. These emotions can have a negative impact on people’s lives, causing social, educational, personal and family discord. Depression is different from sadness or feeling “down.” Clinical depression is a medical condition […]

Treating Depression While in Addiction Recovery

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Recovery from addiction is said to be simple, but not easy. I have no doubt that for many people this holds true. But for some, like myself, there is more than one illness of the mind to fight. Going through recovery with a dual diagnosis adds an extra layer to addiction recovery and can make […]

Running for a Healthy Mind: Defeating Depression with Freeform Jogging

jogging for mental health and depression

Even individuals with sunny dispositions have their dark times. It is therefore not a stretch to imagine that people who suffer from depression go through excruciating intervals of suffering when their mood takes a nosedive. The root-causes of depression can be manifold: they can be genetic, stress-related, caused by an ailment, or even diet. However […]

In Review: Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo and Me


Ellen Forney has a wonderful sense of humor about the various afflictions and difficulties that she chronicles in her candid and affectingly raw graphic memoir Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo and Me. Her ability to see the comic side of so much of the darkness that she encountered in her battle with bipolar disorder, and all […]

Struggling with Depression and the Natural Road to Recovery

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Over the last few years, depression has become much more widespread. We’ve all heard it before, “mental health issues don’t discriminate,” and that quote couldn’t be more accurate. Depression impacts people in the suburbs and on farms, in inner cities and refugee camps, in boardrooms and in classrooms. It is estimated that over 300 million […]

How Can Supplementing Your Medication Routine with TMS Finally Kick Your Depression?

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Major depressive disorder (MDD) affects millions of people globally. Meanwhile, managing MDD is sometimes difficult — even for those who use medication. How Is Medication Used to Treat Depression? Antidepressant medications are among the most common depression treatments. They are prescribed by doctors and help patients alleviate depression symptoms, such as: Anxiety Irritability Lack of concentration […]

6 Treatments For Depression Based on Biology: A Look at the Science for Laypersons

6 Biological Treatments for Depression

Looking for 2019’s hottest new depression treatments, but tired of one-off non-reproduced experiments, industry-biased interpretations, and overstatement from tenure-chasing university faculty? Then bring some meta-science into your life. Below, a list of 6 biological treatments for major depressive disorder, and the systematic reviews & meta-analyses that (kinda) tell us whether they work. SSRI’s Psychiatry’s go-to […]